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Monday, August 20, 2012

Blog Hop!

 Need to add a few new reads to your blogroll? Check out these great blogs:

1. Sabrina at Makeup Addict
2. Alex at Vegan Beauty Blog
3. Amy at The Pretty Vain
4. Ariel at Chic Look xo
5. Rachel at Makeup By Rachel
6. Megan at Magenta Sue
7. Danielle at Love Danielle
8. Jessica at All Things Addicted
9. Chantelle & Hanan at Side Notes PR 
10. Brianna B at Glitter Skull
11. Eva at Fashionista Diary
12. Bailey at I Know All The Words
13. Jacquelyn at Fab Diva 20
14. Marla at Makeup By Marla
15. Zone M at Hook & Eye
16. Kayla at Sheer Beauty Blog

If you found I Know all the Words through the blog hop, be sure to say hello!
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