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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Review: Konad Stamping Nail Art Kit

When the lovely folks at Nail Polish Canada asked me if I'd like to review the Konad Stamping Nail Art Kit, I immediately thought "Oh, that sounds fun! Sign me up." It wasn't until after it arrived that I flashed back to my one and only attempt (failed I might add) with nail stamping. It was not a Konad plate, and I had absolutely no success getting any sort of image onto my nail. It was terribly messy and a pain in the, well you know. Why did I agree to do that again?

Konad plate #M36

I'll onto more detail soon, but stamping with the Konad plate? Amazingly easy!

The kit comes with a scraper, a stamper, a bottle of Konad special nail polish (white) and plate #M36. If you aren't familiar with stamping, you simply dab some polish onto the design you want to use, scrape the excess off, pick up the image with the stamper and roll it onto your nail. Easy peasy.

Konad Plate #M36 stamped with Konad Special White over OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui

While the designs on the plate provided aren't really my style, I gave them a whirl. I was super pleased with how easy the whole process was. I need to work on getting the designs on a bit straighter, but other than that, I'm happy with my work. The hardest part? Waiting for my base polish to dry so I could get stamping.

This Konad Stamping Nail Kit is available from Nail Polish Canada here along with individual plates and other Konad accessories.The kit sells for $17. If you're unfamiliar with Nail Polish Canada, don't hesitate to check them out (especially if you're Canadian!) I've been ordering from them for a while now, and have had perfect service. As you may know it can sometimes be hard to get certain brands in Canada thanks to international shipping regulations and the often ridiculous price. Nail Polish Canada has a ton of top brands and they're constantly adding more. They even take brand requests! I can't say enough about them!

Have you tried Konad stamping plates? What did you think?


  1. What a cute kit! I haven't had great experiences with konad nail arts so far though!

  2. I AM KONAD OBSESSED. I think my collection started about 8 years ago. I have about 35 plates, which is still small compared to other nail art konad addicts. There so much fun. Some people think it's the "lazy way" to do nail art, but I like to mix that with hand painted details too. There's so many plates available and you'll probably find one that's more in your style. They don't usually come with the best design plates. Anyways, I would love if you dropped by my blog. I like to use Konad plates with some of my designs, but I feel like I've been leaning towards more hand painted designs.


  3. That is such an awesome idea! I've always wondered about Konad stamping and now that I've seen how easy it is, I'm in!

  4. I've been hearing all about these plates. I have to try them!

    xo Jackie


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