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Monday, August 6, 2012

Review: MAC Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish

I got my computer back, and am back in business! I've spent a large part of today organizing and editing photos. Ready to roll. First up on the list of products is the newly(ish) released MAC Light Year MSF. I never used to be much of an MSF fan, but in the past few months I've taken quite a shine to them.

Light Year was released with the Heavenly Creatures collection and was one of four MSFs released.
Light Year is described as being a 'peachy pink with gold shimmer.' The description is pretty spot on, I'd only add that it is a light shade of peachy pink. It's a bit cooler toned than I expected, but it is very pretty. Of course the exact shade you get will vary depending on the veining of your product. The main shade is a pale peachy pink that has a shimmering rose and coppery coloured swirl.

MAC Perfect Topping, Redhead, Superb, and Light Year MSF

As you can see in the comparison, I have a thing for peachy hues. Light Year does differ from other MAC MSFs, but could almost be the love child of Perfect Topping and Superb. I love that unlike some MSF formulations, Light Year is smooth and does not have any large shimmer/glitter to catch on any visible pores. Because of this, and the fact that it does have a good amount of colour, you can wear this as a blush. I like to apply it with a stippling brush to avoid over applying. Of course you can also dust a bit on as highlight.

Overall, I'm quite pleased to add this to my MSF collection. Did you pick up any of the Heavenly Creatures MSFs?

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