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Monday, August 6, 2012

Review: MAC Solar Ray Mineralize Blush

One more Hevenly Creatures review to round out the evening. Not only following suit collection wise, but also another peachy hue. I love a good peach, what can I say?

Pink vein, Orange-gold vein, blended

Unlike my other collection choices ( Cut a Caper lipstick and Light Year MSF) I'm not quite as in love with this one. Solar Ray is described as being 'peach and gold melange.' You get a shimmering swirl of a warm, almost neon pink and a orange-gold packed with sheen. Blended together, you do indeed get a warm peach shade, but the shimmer is a bit too gritty for my liking. It doesn't exactly feel gritty texture wise, but the shimmer (nay, glitter) isn't as fine in texture as I would have hoped for. Also, it is a bit difficult to apply as it seems you get more shimmer than colour pay off. Most of the colour seems to stay in the brush. This blush defiantly needs a bit of layering for it's full effect.

MAC Fresh Honey Mineralize Blush, MAC Solar Ray Mineralize Blush, Milani Luminoso

As you can see in the comparison above, Milani Luminoso is similar to Solar Ray, although it reads slightly darker in photos . Luminoso has an amazing texture, and is easier to wear as it is finely milled with refined shimmer. MACs Fresh Honey is much more orange toned and lacks the shimmer of Solar Ray and Luminoso.

Overall, I'd give this one a pass. I'm not sure I'll get much use of this as a blush, but I think it could be used as a highlight of sorts with a similarly toned matte blush. Maybe... Did you pick up any blushes from the Heavenly Creatures collection?


  1. I quite agree with you! Having tried and loving Light Year, I find that Solar Ray didn't deliver as well as I had hoped! The gold veining is so strong that it appears yellow on the skin sometime!

  2. As much as I love blushes and as gorgeous as these looked in the pan, when I swatched them, I just wasn't too impressed.. None of the items in the collection really appealed to me that much..

    Dunno.. Maybe it's just me =P

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