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Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Origins A Perfect World Cleanser, Skin Guardian, and Moisturizer

"Our multi-action age defenders with rare Silver Tip White Tea surround skin in a virtually impenetrable protective bubble that intercepts damage before it causes lines, wrinkles, dark spots and loss of firmness." - Origins

I don't know who wouldn't be tempted to try a skin care range that can make claims to protect your skin in a 'protective bubble' but I had to give it a try. Around the holiday season, they had little pre-packed value gift sets, which were an inexpensive way to try one of their product ranges. The A Perfect World set included the Antioxident Cleanser, Age Defense Skin Guardian, and the SPF 25 Moisturizer.

I've been using the trio of A Perfect World products (along with a few other items) as my main skincare routine for a few weeks now, and thought it was time to review.

Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser

"...dirt-grabbing minerals combined with the gentle, skin-compatible cleansing action of Palm, Coconut and Oat Amino Acid reach deep to help detoxify and free skin of harmful, free radical-releasing impurities before they settle down and cause skin-aging oxidation, deterioration, dehydration and even some forms of irritation.." - product description

The Antioxidant Cleanser is a foaming cleanser that leaves skin feeling nicely cleansed and fresh, without being drying or harsh. I found I only need a little bit of it on my Clarisonic or hand to get a nice lather and thorough clean. Like all of the products in this range, it has an amazing scent; a sort of light citrus mixed with a clean herbal (tea, perhaps?) I remove my makeup before I cleanse my face, but this cleanser does manage to get more residue off.

Origins A Perfect World Age Defense Skin Guardian

Origins A Perfect World Age Defense Skin Guardian

"...Origins has uncovered the key to longer-lasting look of youth, health and vitality...It helps banish youth offenders long before they cause visible signs of oxidation, deterioration, dehydration...and lush, tranquil Mimosa, Orange and Bergamot sweep over you like a tropical trade wind. Skin has found its Shangri-la." -product description

Age Defense Skin Guardia, is a serum that I initially thought wouldn't work for my skin type. It is thicker in texture than your average serum, and feels slightly oily when fist applied. I realized I was using too much. I now use two pumps, one for each half of my face, and really blend it out. It is fabulous! It instantly makes your skin feel amazing. Even before moisturizing, my skin felt smooth and incredibly soft.

Origins A Perfect World SPF 25 A Defense Moisturizer

Origins A Perfect World SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer

"This super-charged, antioxidant moisturizer with White Tea, Maritime Pine and UVA/UVB sunscreens surrounds skin in a protective bubble to help delay the appearance of premature aging signs." -product description

Finally, the moisturizer. The set included the SPF version, but there is also an SPF free version available. However, I prefer to have SPF in my daily moisturizer for that added bit of protection. This moisturizer is pretty great in my books. It is moisturizing enough to deal with my drier spots, but not so rich that it leaves the rest of my face oily. It has a medium weight texture and absorbs easily. Overall, it checks all my boxes.

I've been really happy with the performance of all of these products. While I am currently up to my ears in skin care products to use, and won't be on the market to replace any of these items now, they are totally worthy of picking up down the line. Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

Availability: Origins Cleanser 1.7 fl. oz (as shown) $11, Skin Guardian1 fl. oz (as shown) $35, SPF 25 Moisturizer (30 ml shown) 50ml $39.50

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