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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Swatched: Avon Suede Nail Enamel

I seem have to have come out of my polish rut with a bang: 11 bottles in in the past few days. What can I say? I'm a sucker for polish. Three of my newest acquisitions, happen to be from Avon's fall collection of Suede Nail Enamels.

Avon Suede Nail Enamel Platinum Beauty, Blue Royale, and Touch of Taupe

The Suede finish, is nothing that new, it is essentially just a matte finish. Now, I'm not usually a huge fan of mattes, but these polishes have a softer finish. I don't know if it's the shimmer in them or the actual finish, but they seem less intense than a typical matte polish. They even feel soft, and alsmost suede like on your nails!

Obviously, a top coat will kill the suede finish (you don't need a base either), but I just had to see how it would change the look of the polish. With the shades I have (three out of the six that will be available) top coat made the shimmer pop and deepened the overall shade of the polish. Because of the suede finish, these dry super fast, so you want to apply just as quickly, or the polish will dry while you're still applying and in general be a big ol' mess.

Avon Suede Nail Enamel Platinum Beauty

Avon Suede Nail Enamel Platinum Beauty- top coat on middle finger

Platinum Beauty is an asphalt like take on platinum. The shade has an interesting depth, which I think is in part from the shimmer. I really like this shade as it is a hybrid of gray (one of my fave colours) and metallics. This shade had the thinnest formula of the three and needed two coats for an opaque finish.

Avon Suede Nail Enamel Blue Royale

Avon Suede Nail Enamel Platinum Beauty- top coat on middle finger

Blue Royale is a deep blue with silver shimmer. The formula is almost a one coater, but I ended up using two just to be sure, as I did have a little bit of drag on a few nails.

Avon Suede Nail Enamel Touch of Taupe

Avon Suede Nail Enamel Touch of Taupe- top coat on middle finger

Touch of Taupe is just that, a musey brown with a hint of gray giving it a taupe lean. Like the others it has silver shimmer. This shade was perfect with one coat- I love one coaters! This shade also ended up being my favourite out of the bunch.

Overall, these are great polishes. I'm excited for the cooler weather, to start wearing deeper fall like shades- I know these will be on the list! What do you think of matte/suede finishes? Will you be picking up any of these?

Availability: These polishes will be in available in campaign 20- early September, for $3.99 (introductory price, reg. $6.99) Orders can be made via an Independent Sales Representative (ie. an Avon Lady.) Or by calling 1-800- 265-AVON or online at


  1. The colors are beautiful, but I think, I like all of them with a top coat. I am not sure about matte/suede finish on my nails.

    1. I totally know what you mean. It's highly likely that I'll use these more with a topcoat than as mattes.

  2. How do make them last? I purchased 4 bottles and they are chipping pretty easily. I'm a nail bitter and usually wear polish to keep me from biting but when I wear this, I forget I have anything on! Good and bad thing I suppose. Anyway ... How do you make it last since it says not to use with a base or top coat?

    1. I haven't worn them long enough for chipping to be a problem, but you could always try using a coat of a matte top coat over them. It would protect the polish a bit and keep the matte finish.

      Good luck trying to kick the nail biting habit, I know it's tough. My friend kicked hers by always chewing gum. She said it helped make her forget about her nails.

    2. Perfect! I have a bottle of matte top coat and have yet to use it. And also thanks for that gum idea. :-)

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