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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Swatched: China Glaze Man Hunt

This fall, China Glaze decided to take us on safari; I opted not to go. All the packing, airport security, international layovers... bleck. But, after I saw photos from the trip, I regretted not going a bit. Luckily, I was able to snag a souvenir in the form of Man Hunt.

China Glaze Man Hunt

China Glaze Man Hunt

Man Hunt is a deep royal, jelly like cream. I was a bit surprised by the colour, as it looks a fair bit brighter in all of the swatches I'd seen online. I still love this colour, though. I love a good blue, and this one is pretty perfect. I like the depth it has, bit still some pop because it's more royal than navy. It applied well, even though the formula was on the thick side. I used two coats. This is quite possibly the shiniest polish I've seen in a while, I believe in my swatch notes I wrote "stupid shiny".

I've been wearing this shade for a few days, and have decided I'm totally ready to start sporting fall shades. Not that I don't break the rules every now and then, but I could use a break from the brights of summer. Did you pick up any of the On Safari Collection? Which shades did you love?


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  2. Gorgeous colour, I've been looking for a blue that doesn't look black, I will definitely have to pick this one up :)


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