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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Swatched: Essie Penny Talk

When Essie's Mirror Metallic Collection promos started popping up, I "oohed!" and "urghed" simultaneously. Yay for metallics, but nay for their often fickle formulas. Then the swatches started appearing, things looked promising... Should I dare try one?

Essie Penny Talk

Essie Penny Talk

Penny Talk is a soft copper metallic that leans a bit towards being a rose gold shade. I was so happy at how easily this applied: two coats, barely any brush strokes and it evened out easily. Hopefully someone will understand what I mean, but some metallics leave a darker mark where one level of polish lays on the other, but that was no issue here. These do dry quite quickly though (like really fast) so you can't play around when you apply or you'll have a mess. I love that this shade has both a soft, feminine quality, while still maintaining it's metallic edge. You'll for sure want to top coat this, as when I did a fast one finger swatch, it didn't hold up well at all. The formula is softer than the average polish when it dries, and was prone to scraping and damage.

Overall, this was the one polish in the collection I knew I had to have, and I'm quite pleased with it. I have nothing like it in my collection and it's so pretty! I'm currently sporting it on my toes and fingers and find myself glancing at it more than I'd like to admit. Did you pick up any of the Mirror Metallic shades?


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