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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bundle Monster Nail Art Plates - 2012 Collection

I've wanted to experiment with nail stamping for such a long time. My initial introduction with a no name stamping plate left me a little gun shy though, so I gave up on the endeavor... Until I tried this Konad plate and had no troubles at all. Maybe stamping could work after all. I decided to 'go big or go home' and ordered a Bundle Monster kit. Let's take a look!

Bundle Monster has a few different well, bundles of plates. I ended up choosing the most recent collection, that simply goes by '2012'. This set has 25 plates with an assortment of full nail designs, tips, and single images. As you can see, the plates arrive with a protective blue film over them. I left it on for photos because the metal is so reflective it can be hard to capture the detail well. To see photos of the full set, go here.

I choose this collection because it seemed like it had the most full nail designs. I know I'm not going to stamp all the time, but when I do, it's the full nail prints that I'm going to want. There are a lot of really cute full nail designs. Out of them all, I'd say there are only a handful I won't use. I like the mix of geometric type designs and actual images, like the owl design on BM 309, so cute!

I am no expert when it comes to stamping, so I can't really give a full comparison but I did notice that it took a little bit more finessing to get a 'perfect' stamp with the Bundle Monster compared to the Konad, but I know once I get a little practice and get completely comfortable with the process, I'll have no issues.

BM 322 stamped with Konad Special Polish in White over Zoya Wednesday

I did learn that yes, it does help to have stamping polish. I had a cheap black polish that seemed super opaque, but once I got to stamping I quickly learned otherwise. It just wasn't dark enough. I did read that you can leave the top off of a polish for a while and let it thicken and it will end up working as stamping polish, so I might have to experiment a little.

Above, you can see my first offical attempt at a full nail design. This was after a couple hours of random stamping and removing, so it is not in pristine condition (and I smudged it!) but I did learn a bit of what to and not to do.

Overall I'm happy with the Bundle Mosnter plates. They are much more economical than Konads- a Bundle Monster set averages about $22 for 21-25 plates, while Konad plates average about $8 each. Do you use stamping plates? Which brand do you prefer?

Availability: Bundle Monster, $21.99

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