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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nail Polish Storge: Before, Then and Now

My nail polish collection on March 27th, 20ll

I haven't bought nail polish (not a single bottle) in almost a month. That is a pretty unheard of fact in my life, but it's true. It has been rough, especially the first week, but I held strong and resisted. I've been trying to cut all my beauty spending, but nail polish is one of my biggest weaknesses. Since there have been no new shades crossing my path, I've been spending more time with my current collection, rediscovering old favourites and even a few (okay, more than I'd like to admit) that I didn't even know I had. I decided I needed to work on my organization (you'll see the hoard I was working with) and maybe do a bit of an inventory. Since I'm nosy and always enjoy seeing when other people do posts like this, I thought I'd share a bit of my polish storage, then and now ( I loooove that movie, btw.)

That, up there, was my nail polish collection on March 27th, 20ll. It all fit into a little pink dollar store basket. Now, at the time, I thought I had a pretty well rounded collection, decent colour selection, varied brands, but I wasn't in love with my method of storage.

My nail polish collection on Dec.17th, 2011

Fast forward a few months, when I was planning on what furniture I was going to add to my bedroom, I found an old dresser that had excellent potential for makeup/polish storage. My friends were fast to make remarks that most people put... well, you know, clothing in dressers, but I, am not most people. What you see above is my nail polish collection on Dec.17th, 2011 when everyone moved into their new home. I had enough drawers to be able to have one dedicated to just polish and a second dedicated to everything else nails (treatments, base/top coats,nail art supplies and what not.) Just look at those neat rows of polish, all organized by brand... but I didn't expect to fill that much of my nail polish drawer from the get-go, but I still had some room to grow. How much more could I accumulate anyway?

My collection today...

That is what my polish drawer looked like this morning. Gone are the 'neat rows' of before, and brands... well wherever they land, there they are. It was nothing short of a hot -yet colourful- mess. I've obviously out grown the drawer.

To try and remedy my polish issue, I turned to my new favourite storage container: empty Glossy Boxes! If you haven't seen one, they're made of heavy, coated cardboard and are a very pretty pale, dusty pink. I have been using my collection of them to organize products I need to photograph/blog, but my polish dilemma was more pressing.

I rooted through my collection for brands that had smaller bottles/caps (Essie, Joe Fresh, Zoya, etc) because taller bottles don't fit in the boxes. I added a list of box contents to the lid to make it a bit easier to find specific polishes, since all the boxes look the same and I really don't want to mark them up (this will likely not be a permanent polish housing system.) I have a few shelves to go up above my desk/vanity, which is where these will go. For now, they're stashed under my desk. As for the drawer...

All (relatively) neat, but can you spot the Gosh that's made it's way into the OPI section?

It's since been moved into a box with it's other Gosh friends

While I still don't have much room... okay, it's still full, I have at least regained a bit of order. Do you have a large nail polish stash? How do you store it?

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