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Friday, September 14, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lipstick - Sunset Angora

I know, believe me I know... I've said no more lip products in, what, the past three posts? Yes, I have. But, much like the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains, I knew I was going to buy one (or three) of these if I ever saw them. It feels like I've been waiting for these to arrive in Canada for months. Wait? It was months, wasn't it? I don't get why it seems like so many products are taking longer and longer to get to us. Oh well, they're here and I snatched one!

As you can see, I didn't opt for three of these. One, because I do have too many a few lip products already, and two, the price. I expected these to retail at about $8-10, seems right for a drugstore lipstick, right? These were $13.99! I stood in front of the display a bit shocked. Obviously, I ended up with one, but just that, one. Do companies not realize that we're likely to buy more if the price was even just a few dollars less?

Sunset Angora is a peachy coral shade. When I was trying to decide which shade would come home with me, I decided to try and get something a little different than my usual go to: pinky nudes. Of course, of all the testers they had, there wasn't one for this shade. I decided to be 'brave' and take it anyway. I'm so glad I did! The shade is great and the formula is perfection. You get the pigmentation of a lipstick with the feel of a balm and a good dose of shine. Wear isn't as long as your basic lipstick, because of the emollient texture, but I'd gladly reapply a little sooner than deal with a drying, difficult formula.

After swatching Sunset Angora, I realized that I did have another shade in my collection that was indeed similar. In the photo above, I've swatched MAC Watch Me Simmer beside Sunset Angora. While WMS is not an exact dupe of Sunset Angor, the shades are quite similar. WMS is brighter, less peachy and more opaque, but if you missed out on it or you don't want a lipstick that bright, Sunset Angora is a great alternative.

Overall, I'm a total fan of these! I know I'll eventually pick up a few more shades (maybe they'll go on sale?!) Have you tried these? Which shades do you like?

Availability: anywhere L'Oreal products are sold, $10-$14 (in Canada)

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