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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Milani Amber Nectar Illuminating Face Powder

Ah, Sunday... the laziest day of the week. I've spent mine lazing about, reading, drinking milky tea, slow roasting a farm fresh chicken (one of the perks of living in a small-ish town) that is now a giant pot of matzoh ball soup. This evening, I plan on watching Practical Magic for what is likely the 867th time and maybe pop a bit of popcorn. Quite possibly a perfect day!

As busy as I've been, I even managed to edit a few photos and thought I could probably squeeze a bit of blogging in to my hectic day. Care to take a look?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

DIY: Nail Polish Phone Case

Last year, when I got my new phone, I picked up two bejeweled cases. One in a multi coloured design, the other in white/clear. I was all set for any situation- you know, the kind where it matters how your phone is accessorized.... Anyway, I ended up becoming a bit obsessed with covers for my phone, there were just too many options. That's when I got the bright idea to make my own (sort of...) using one of my all time favourite things: Nail Polish!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

NYX Girls Lapis and Golden Lavender Nail Polish

I was so excited about the deep vampy reds and jewel tones of Autumn and have been wearing them since late August, but I'm starting to crave paler tones. I don't always follow polish 'rules' and (I'm currently sporting a pale gray) so when I saw these little bottles of colour I had to bring them home with me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

I've said it before, and I'll say it again (and again and again...) "I think there are basically two kinds of people: those who hate their pores and those lucky enough to never have to think about their pores. I happen to fall into the first group. I have large pores and put the effort into my skincare routine to try and keep them managed. Of course a little cosmetic help is never turned down either, which is why I decided I had to try..." In this case The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser- or Minimizer depending which side of the pond you happen to reside on.

Yes, I full on quoted myself from this post. Yes, I had to Google myself because I couldn't remember which post that was from. And, yes, I'm really loving this product! Let's take a look...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Put on the Purple for Lupus Awareness

As I'm sure we all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but it also happens to be Lupus Awareness Month as well, at least in Canada and the UK. From what I can find, May is the official month for the United States, but regardless of month, Lupus is a disease many people just aren't that aware of. It currently effects 5 million people worldwide, 90 percent of them female.

Purple is the official colour for this cause and since there has been an onslaught of pink products for breast cancer, I thought I'd showcase a few purple items and share some Lupus facts.

Friday, October 19, 2012

NYX Powder Blush: Angel, Pinched and Terra Cotta

It's fine and dandy to cut back one's spending, but every now and then one needs to splurge. Even just a bit. I've been being very mindful of my spending lately, but I did happen to have a little haul that consisted of a few polishes and a few blushes. I happened to pick up something I've been meaning to try for years: NYX Powder Blush.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

OPI Golden Eye and The World is Not Enough

This year's Holiday offerings from OPI are inspired by the newest James Bond movie, Skyfall. Now, I'm not particularly a Bond fan; I think I've seen three out of the... however many movies were made (and there are quite a few) and I'm quite certain it was a male companion who put me up to it each time. Anyhow, out of the twelve limited edition polishes, Goldeneye and The World is Not Enough caught my eye. Let's take a look!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit

Every few months, I realize I have a back log of photos. You see, I quite often photograph a number of products at once, upload them, organize them, and then edit them as I need them. It's a great system for the most part, but there always ends up being something that needs to be reviewed before something else, and the something else gets pushed back on 'the list'... I should note, it's a mental list, so things definitely get forgotten about from time to time. Then the novelty of whatever it was has worn off, and I'm not as pumped about reviewing it anymore, because by then a new crop of products have won my heart. What I'm trying to explain is that I've got a bunch of older stuff to review. Like the Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit.  While I use these brushes constantly, reviewing them kind of slipped my mind.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Delicate Brush Fix Tutorial

This is kind of an odd post, but it just sort of worked so I went with it. A few weeks ago, I noticed my fan brush- Smashbox #22 if we're being specific, had a major owie. Yes, owie. Can we continue? Anyway, it's a delicate brush and I'd like to keep it from getting raggedy if at all possible. I love using this brush for powder highlighters, it allows me to add a nice glow without the fear of overdoing it. I had a plan that I thought just might get it back in proper shape, and my camera, as always, was by my side, so I documented the process. Care to take a look?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Recent Empties III

My empties have a new home! I don't know about other bloggers, but since I started posting my empties I had a slight problem... were do I put them? Initially they were in a plastic shopping bag under my bathroom sink. That seemed to work, until in a 'WHY CAN'T I FIND ANYTHING?!' fit of rage I ended up recycling the bag and it's contents... oops. I realized I needed a dedicated storage system. Then, I found 'the bag'. I've been holding onto this white/green paper bag for way to long, thinking it would be cute for a gift, but never used it. Out came the sharpie, and now it's home for my empties. It's now stashed in my closet, and when the bag fills up, I share with all of you.I'm such a problem solver. Oh, and you might want to grab a snack, this is going to be a long one.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The New Influenster!

It seems like there are a million and one 'social' websites about. I know I've signed up to my fair share and ended up never using them. Now, it seems like the trend has turned to sites that use your 'social' media influence as a way to earn free swag and of course give brands a bit of feedback.

One site that I joined, and until recently, had almost forgotten about (like so many others) is Influenster. If you read many blogs, you've likely heard of it as well. The main idea is fairly simple, complete tasks, earn badges, and unlock Vox Boxes- Vox Boxes are the boxes of goodies Influenster will send you to review. Sounds pretty awesome right? That was why I initially joined. I joined in December of last year, and eagerly earned every badge I could. All I had to do was wait it out, and before I knew it I'd get picked.... right? Urg, not so much. I never heard anything. I suspected it was that they'd tricked me, and they didn't actually ship to Canada. In the end, I was kind of right, but I am happy to announce that they do in fact ship to Canada, and now with their improved site, it's easier than ever to earn a Vox Box of your own!

NIP+FAB Dark Circle Fix Triple Action Eye Cream

Following yesterday's Nip+Fab review, I thought I may as well continue with another product I've been using lately: Nip+Fab Dark Circle Fix Triple Action Eye Cream. I know I've said in the past that I'm not entirely sure about the effectiveness of most eye creams (just facial moisturizer in a small pot and a higher price? think about it people...) but the lure of reducing my dark circles was too much for me. I had to give this one a try. Oh, and it might have been half off too...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NIP+FAB Eye Fix Brightening Concealer

Everyone has key marketing words that stop them in their tracks, and make them consider purchasing a particular product. One of mine has always been 'pores'; any product that makes claims to make my pores look smaller, unclog my pores, make my pores do a Mexican Hat Dance... I'm hooked. Recently though, I've noticed I have a new word: brightening. I tend to have dehydrated skin that can easily look a bit dull, especially in the colder months. Brightening products can often be tricky to decipher though. Choose correctly and they can give you a radiant, youthful glow, but choose wrong and you'll end up a walking disco ball.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Autumn Blush!

I think, if pressed for a quick answer, I'd proclaim Autumn/Fall as my favourite season... I don't care for the humidity and overtly hot, so Summer's out. I don't mind the cold, but I hate ice, so there goes Winter. I like rain, and flowers, but I hate allergies, so Spring is a mixed bag. That leaves Autumn, with it's crisp leaves, cool weather- sweater weather, perfect for layering, scarves, and pumpkin flavoured everything! Yes, Autumn is my favourite season. While deep, vampy lips are something I'm still working on loving, I do love the Autumnal blushes that come out this time of year.

 L-R: Stila Convertable Colour - Lillium, Lancome Blush Subtil - Miel Glace, MAC Powder Blush - Prim & Proper, Too Faced Papa Don't Peach, Annabelle Blush #48 (Chestnut), mark. Good Glowing Custom Pick Powder Blush- Star Glo, La Femme Purple Passion

mark. Light Show Illuminating Powder and Powder Tool Brush

Does it not seem like Holiday items come out sooner and sooner every year? I've been pretty good about not buying into all the exciting/enticing sets that have popping up, but I did pick up two of  mark.'s new items: Light Show Illuminating Face Powder and the Powder Tool All Over Powder Brush. The brush was a no brainer, you can't really have too many brushes, and a peachy illuminator? Yes, please.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

True Blue Spa Pumpkin Renewing Face Mask

As you may know, it's Thanksgiving in Canada today... well, officially it's not until tomorrow, but most people have their turkey-fest today. In honor of the day, I spent a little while with a face full of pumpkin pie filling! Sort of, okay, not at all, but the True Blue Spa Pumpkin Renewing Face Mask smells just as divine as a warm pumpkin pie.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coming Soon... Sigma Eyeshadow Bases

"The Bare, Dare and Flare Eye Shadow Base Kits contain a set of 3 eye shadow bases and one brush for a seamless application (available for $36). The eye shadow bases were made with a smooth and blendable formula to achieve a long-wearing, high pigmented effect. Mix and match these bases with our original eye shadow palettes or wear alone to create a variety of looks. The bases will also be sold individually for $13 each." -Sigma 

I haven't been all that interested in a lot of the products Sigmas's released in the past while but these look quiet interesting. Is that a duo-chrome effect on Spy? Very intriguing...No word as to when they'll be released. Will you try them?

Review: Avon Mega Impact Eye Liner -formerly Super Shock

I'm super excited about today's post! Partly because, I totally love these liners, and partly because I never expected to. An unexpected love is a great thing every now and then.

Initially picked up one of these liners after seeing it reviewed on another blog. I had told myself I'd never try another Avon eyeliner again, because my experiences have been constantly bad, but when I saw Golden Fawn... I had to try it. I'm getting ahead of myself though, more on that soon.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Wish List

1. Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion, 2. Guerlain Meteorites Powder Teint Beige, 3.Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Trio, 4. OPI Golden Eye and The World is Not Enough, 5. Urban Decay Ocho Loco 24/7 Glide on Pencil Set, 6. Per-Fekt Skin Perfection Gel in Luminous, 7. La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Cream

Weekly wishlists aren't something I usually post, but I've had major urges to shop today, so I thought I'd try and funnel some of that energy into something that won't blow my budget. I'm really digging that Bobbi Brown lip gloss in the centre: Pink Violet.... Are you lusting after anything specific? Do share!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Polish Inventory: OPI

The second installment of my polish inventory brings us OPI. At 35 bottles OPI takes the 2nd place prize for 'most bottles' in my polish collection.

I still remember opening my first OPI haul, which consisted of Dim Sum Plum, Jade is the New Black, Lucky Lucky Lavender and Suzi Says Fung Shui from the Hong Kong collection. A few days later they were greeted by two more siblings, in the form of You Don't Know Jacques and Tickle My France-y from La Collection de France collection. It is wrong that I tend to remember every thing related to my polish collection? Nod your heads...

Anyway, let's take a look:

Review: La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

Yesterday, we chatted about La Roche Posay's Targeted Breakout Cream, so today it only seems fitting that we continue on the La Roche train and follow up with another product I'm quite fond of (I'm on my second tube already!) La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Review: La Roche Posay Effaclar A.I Targeted Breakout Cream Corrector

Who loves breaking out? .....silence? Exactly.

I remember being 15-16 and and dealing with breakouts and thinking 'It sucks now, but in a few years I won't have to deal with this. Stick it breakouts!" Huh... how wrong was I? Luckily though, I can say that the breakouts I do still deal with are dramatically different than what I had as a teen. I get what most 20 somethings get, localized breakouts in the lower face/chin area that are usually a result of stress and hormones (ie. that amazing, super, fun time every month.)

What's a girl to do? I've been reaching La Roche Posay's Effaclar A.I Targeted Breakout Cream Corrector and have been seeing a lot less red.

NOTD: Blood and Gold

This morning I woke up with two colours on my mind: blood red and gold. I knew immediately which polishes would fit the bill as well, Revlon Valentine and NYX Girls Buzz Worthy.

Revlon Valentine is quite possibly the oldest polish I have (and the most used.) I don't wear a lot of red polish, but I love it for Fall and I love deeper, vampy reds. Valentine is a cream polish, but has an almost jelly like finish.  NYX Girls Buzz Worthy is one of the few golds I have in my collection, but it is a really pretty gold, as it is a bit softer in tone and not so yellow. It is a very fine glitter that works over another colour with one coat, or as an opaque shade with three (as I've used it.)