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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

mark. Light Show Illuminating Powder and Powder Tool Brush

Does it not seem like Holiday items come out sooner and sooner every year? I've been pretty good about not buying into all the exciting/enticing sets that have popping up, but I did pick up two of  mark.'s new items: Light Show Illuminating Face Powder and the Powder Tool All Over Powder Brush. The brush was a no brainer, you can't really have too many brushes, and a peachy illuminator? Yes, please.

 mark. Light Show Illuminating Face Powder

 mark. Light Show Illuminating Face Powder

mark. Light Show Illuminating Face Powder

Based on the 'Illuminating Face Powder' title this has, I wasn't sure exactly what it would be when I got it. Was it going to be a highlighter or was it going to be more like a MAC Beauty Powder that can be dusted all over the face? Well, it's going to be a product I'm not that happy with- might as well get that out of the way now. It isn't bad per-say, it's just not for me.

 mark. Light Show Illuminating Face Powder

mark. Light Show Illuminating Face Powder - blurred

Light Show is described as being 'shades of shimmering gold, peach and pink' which is spot on. The colour is a very pretty golden peach, but there are larger pieces of glitter that are on the gritty side. The overall texture of this powder is quite firm and dry, and the glitter just adds to the mix. I didn't like how the glitter sat on my face when I tried using this as a highlight, and it would be just wrong used as an all over powder.

 mark. Powder Tool All Over Powder Brush

 mark. Powder Tool All Over Powder Brush

The Powder Tool Brush on the other hand, I kind of love. It's a nice, large, bushy powder brush that is amazingly soft. And that name, 'Powder Tool' as in, you know power tool... I thought it was cute. While the illuminating powder and brush aren't technically sold together, they are shown together, making one naturally assume that they would work together... no. The dry, firm texture of the powder doesn't work with the light, fluffiness of the brush. The brush does however, work with setting powders and blushes.

Overall, the powder... not so much, unless you don't mind a bit of glitter. The brush, yes all the way. Now, something that is particularly bothersome to me: the price. For Canadians the powder and brush both retail at $22, yet American prices are $16 for the powder and $14 for the brush. What? There are a whole mess of problems there. First, for a mere $7 more, you can buy a MAC MSF. MAC vs mark.? While I enjoy some mark. products, they don't exactly compare to MAC. If they're going to keep upping their prices, they need to bring the quality up to match. Second, the Canadian dollar has been worth more than that of America for some time now... our dollar is worth more, yet we still have to pay the pre-determined Canadian prices that are usually at least $5 more . It's just not right...
Ugh. Have you tried either of these products? What did you think?


  1. I've been looking at that face powder wanting to try it. I'm an Avon rep :) thanks for the review I hate chunks of glitter :/

    1. It's too bad really, it would have been an okay product otherwise.


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