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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NIP+FAB Eye Fix Brightening Concealer

Everyone has key marketing words that stop them in their tracks, and make them consider purchasing a particular product. One of mine has always been 'pores'; any product that makes claims to make my pores look smaller, unclog my pores, make my pores do a Mexican Hat Dance... I'm hooked. Recently though, I've noticed I have a new word: brightening. I tend to have dehydrated skin that can easily look a bit dull, especially in the colder months. Brightening products can often be tricky to decipher though. Choose correctly and they can give you a radiant, youthful glow, but choose wrong and you'll end up a walking disco ball.

"Give the skin around your eyes a softer, fresher, more radiant appearance with this 2-in-1 eye cream + concealer. Enriched with hydrating, plumping hyaluronic acid, softening glycerin and cucumber extract to reduce the appearance of puffiness, this clever eye boosting cream will instantly hide imperfections and dark circles with light reflecting particles to leave you looking younger, bright eyed and ready to face the day." Nip+Fab

I wasn't sure this would be 'the' product for me, but when I initially saw Nip+Fab on display everything was half off, as part of an introductory special. Half off was enough to spark my interest in a few Nip+Fab items. I was intrigued by the fact that this is part makeup and part skincare, and of course the whole 'brightening' thing.

The product is housed in a pen dispenser with a brush applicator, making it easy to dab on. I like that the white tube is easily found amongst all my flesh toned concealer items, but the tube can get a little mucky looking once you've been using it a while. The other (small) issue is that there is no way to see how much product is left in the tube when it's running low.

note: any shimmer is from a previous swatch, not Eye Fix

So does it work? As a brightener, I love it! As skincare... don't throw way your eye creams just yet. The concealer is a pale pink shade instantly brightens under eye circles, but it doesn't entirely conceal. If you have very light under eye circles, than this along may be perfect for you, but I didn't find that it gave me enough coverage. I like to use Eye Fix over my normal concealer to optimize the brightening effect. It works wonders!

I did initially worry that this would be a shimmery product, but the 'light reflecting particles' are not visible. While I really like the brightening element of this product, I didn't experience any benefits of the other claims made on the package. This didn't seem to hydrate my eyes, but it wasn't drying either.
I do find that because the product is such a light colour, I only need a little bit to get the most out of it. However, that means this product is not going to work for many skin tones. I'd sale the very pale to the light medium would be best suited to this, any darker and it's not going to give you a very natural look.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this product, and have already bought a back up as I spotted them at half price (again!) The brand is of British origin, and not readily accessible, but is available in North America at Shopper's Drug Mart (Canada) and Target (US). Have you tried this product or any others from the brand? What did you think?

Price: $18.99 for 2ml

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