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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review: Avon Mega Impact Eye Liner -formerly Super Shock

I'm super excited about today's post! Partly because, I totally love these liners, and partly because I never expected to. An unexpected love is a great thing every now and then.

Initially picked up one of these liners after seeing it reviewed on another blog. I had told myself I'd never try another Avon eyeliner again, because my experiences have been constantly bad, but when I saw Golden Fawn... I had to try it. I'm getting ahead of myself though, more on that soon.

Avon Mega Impact Eye Liner in Golden Fawn, Shimmering Brown, Extreme Cobalt, and Black Flash

Avon Mega Impact Eye Liner in Golden Fawn, Shimmering Brown, Extreme Cobalt, and Black Flash

When I realized I needed Golden Fawn in my life, I though I was looking for the Super Shock Gel Liners, but it seems that those have been replaced by the Mega Impact name. I don't know if that is just a Canada thing, or an across the board change, but if you are looking to purchase these (and I highly suggest that you do) keep a heads up.

So, why are these eyeliners so amazing? They are super pigmented, creamy sticks of pure awesome! Over the past few years I've really gotten choosy about my eyeliners and have come to poo-poo anything that isn't soft and easy to apply. These are super silky and apply like a dream. If you like UD 24/7 liners, you'll love these. As I mentioned, these are soft, but not so soft that the tip is too delicate and breaks. I've found these do need to sharpened quite frequently, but the sharpening process is clean and easy with a good sharpener.

On top of the smooth, dreamy texture, these are waterproof, budge-proof, set until you remove them liners as well. Once applied, you've got a fairly large window of time to smudge/correct, but once set, they're on for good. I tested my swatches, and they not only lasted for hours, they didn't smudge while I was doing laundry (and folding) and they were on my inner arm rubbing on me consistently. When I rubbed the swatches, I got a bit of shimmer transfer, but none of the actual colour transferred or smudged. They are also excellent for use on the waterline/tightline. Today I used Extreme Cobalt on my waterline and tightline, and it's still holding strong 9 hours later. Tip: use a Qtip to dry your waterline before applying eyeliner. It drys the area allowing your liner to better adhere.

 Avon Mega Impact Eye Liner in Golden Fawn, Shimmering Brown, Extreme Cobalt, and Black Flash

Golden Fawn is a metallic golden hued taupe. It is very close to Chanel's limited edition Rose Platine, from what I've seen online, but not an exact dupe as the Chanel liner has shimmer. I've been using Golden Fawn for a few weeks and I can't say it enough, it's gorgeous! I've never used a liner this light in tone, but it really brightens my eyes and really glows.

Shimmering Brown is a deep chocolate brown with fine golden shimmer. Everyone needs a good brown liner and this one fits the bill quite well. The golden shimmer makes it similar to UD 24/7 liner in Bourbon, but Bourbon is a touch more red toned and a bit lighter.

Extreme Cobalt is a deep blue that is close to almost navy, but has a bit of cobalt brightness and fine blue shimmer. I usually don't use blue eyeliner, but this shade really makes my brown eyes pop. I've tried using navy in the past and it always looked a little 'off', so I'm pleased that this looks so great on me.

Black Flash is a matte black liner. I've got a ton of black liners, but the formula of this definitely puts it in my top five. 

If you like Urban Decay liners, or have wanted to try them but didn't want to shell out $23 each, these are a definite must try. There are currently only the four colour options available, but at $7.99 (look for them on sale, I got mine for $4.99) you may was well try them all. I tripled up on Golden Fawn... I really love it! Have you tried these? What did you think of them?

Availability: Orders can be made via an Independent Sales Representative (ie. an Avon Lady.) Or by calling 1-800- 265-AVON or online at, $7.99 for 1.2 g.

EDIT: Available online now for $4.99 here! Let me know if you try them!

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