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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chanel Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser

For the past eight weeks, I've been blind testing a few items for Elle Canada. The testing period has ended and I'm now free to unwrap the products I've been using- you see, they come wrapped the world's stickiest, holographic sticker. It is ridiculously hard to remove, but it's the only way to see 'what you're working with'.

Before I unwrapped Chanel's Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser, I knew I didn't like it (more on that soon) which is one reason I enjoy blind testing- you can't go into it with preconceived notions based on the brand. Had I known that this cleanser was Chanel (seriously? I didn't even know they did skincare) and that it was quite pricey, my opinions likely would have been a bit skewed.

Advertise with IKATW

With the freshening up done (what do you think? better?) I've added a bit of space for some sponsorship opportunities.

As my blog has seen quite a bit of growth the past few months, I'd like to share some of the love. Currently, there are six spots, which I'd like to fill with your buttons, but if enough people show an interest, there is room for a bit of growth. For all the details and how you can get in on the action, click here.

I'm really excited to be able to offer the space, and hopefully boost some of your lovely blogs!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Please Mind the Mess!

As the title says, mind the mess, please! I've been thinking of some possible changes/upgrades and decided I'd never know if they'd work if I didn't give them a try! 

Things should be back to normal soon... I hope! If you're a blogger as well I'm sure you know the stressful/fun redesign can be.

Boots No.7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 Wipes

It's not that often that I buy face specific wipes. I usually buy baby wipes in bulk. I really only use wipes to clean up after swatches and to remove the bulk of my makeup before I use an eye makeup remover and then cleanse my face, so all the 'skincare' ingredients in specialty face wipes aren't really a necessity for me. Buut, when I was browsing my newly expanded Shopper's Drug Mart, my eye spotted the Boots No.7 (or just No. 7 in North America) display. I didn't know exactly what I wanted ( I hadn't done my research yet!) so I opted to get a package of their Quick Thinking Wipes. It didn't hurt that they might have been on sale...

Stuff It!.... Stockings, that is!

Christmas is approaching... I am never all entirely organized when it comes to my shopping, but really who is? One thing I always seem to be on track with are stocking stuffers! Since I was in high school, stocking responsibilities have been mostly mine. I shopped for stuffers, stuffed them and placed them in the appropriate spot. You see, we like to really pack our stockings full, so they could never really hang. Instead, they're loving placed in the recipient's Christmas morning seat.

Now, there are rules when it comes to stockings (at least in our family, there are.) We tend to not go for 'crap'. Of course there can be exceptions, but for the most part we try to keep stocking goodies to things that are actually going to be used and enjoyed. We also set a price limit. Anything over $15-$20 does not belong in a stocking. It just doesn't! I get slightly baffled when I see  $50 items on 'Stocking Stuffer' lists. That's a full on gift in my book.

I've compiled a few of my picks for the perfect stocking, and a couple goodies you can pick up for yourself when you're out and about. Just tell everyone they're from Santa! That is also a tradition in our house, you can totally cheat and get yourself a little something IF you wrap it and make that it came from the jolly one.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

China Glaze Swing Baby

I kind of stalk nail polish collections. I tend to know what collections are coming out when and I usually know ahead of time which shades need to be mine. Of course, from time to time a polish or two slips by. China Glaze Swing Baby is one of those polishes.

Yves Rocher Apple Delight

Every year Yves Rocher introduces limited edition scents for the holidays. In the past I've managed to talk myself out of 'sampling' them; I still regret not trying last year's Orange & Amande. This year, the main collection is a sweet floral that didn't exactly call to me, but the secondary collection, Apple Delight, described as being a warm vanilla-apple blend... Well, I just had to try that for myself.

OPI Spring/Summer 2013: Euro Centrale

OPI Announces the Launch of Euro Centrale for Spring/Summer 2013
Classic meets contemporary with Euro Centrale by OPI for Spring/Summer 2013. Celebrating a region where history meets modern design, the collection’s twelve new nail lacquers offer a mixture of glamorous metallic hues; playful bright shades in periwinkle, aqua and pink; and creamy blues in indigo, midnight and aubergine.

“Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania make up an exciting new fashion hotspot,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director.  “When visiting these countries, you’ll view Gothic churches alongside vibrant graffiti murals, blending two very different aesthetics. This fusion of old and new was also seen in runway looks during New York Fashion Week, where classic styles were reinvented with modern silhouettes and patterns.

Euro Centrale boasts a wide variety of shades, ranging from pale nude to deep blue – and featuring everything from shimmering copper to aqua in between!,” continues Weiss-Fischmann. “Whether you’re looking to spice up a black and white print, or add neutrality to a vivid brocade, these lacquers are designed to accessorize spring’s hottest looks.

Euro Centrale by OPI includes the following shades (bottle shots after the jump!)

mark. Lipclick Luxe Lipstick- Pink Icing

If forced to sum up holiday cosmetics in one word, I think that word would have to be glitter. It seems to be the common thread in most (if not all) holiday releases. I can definitely get behind glitter bomb nail polish, a bit of shimmer on the eyes can be fun too, but what I normally don't love are shimmery/glittery lipsticks. Then I saw the newest additions to mark's Lipclick range (which are all kinds of fabulous), and I thought I might just have to give them a try, glitter and all.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Yves Rocher Illuminating Pearls

There is something about products made up of little bits (or balls) that has always enamored me.  I have yet to splurge on 'that brand' that is famous for their little balls of cosmetic goodness, but I do tend to take the bait when the item is a more wallet friendly price.

The latest product to catch my eye happened to Yves Rocher Illuminating Pearls. These pearls (a much classier term than 'little balls') are a setting powder/ highlight hybrid that promise to ease complexion dullness that often lingers in the winter months.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri- Petal Pusher

Sometimes, I see a polish, and instantly know I HAVE TO HAVE IT. It stays on my mind until it ends up on my nails. Petal Pusher was one of those polishes. I know, it doesn't look like anything all that special, but the polish loving heart wants what it wants.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Polish Inventory: Essie

Continuing on with the quest to inventory my polish stash (click here for previous posts) is a brand that is irresistible to many, and beloved by... well pretty much all: Essie!

I haven't been collecting Essie as long as some of the other brands in my collection, but the fact that I always seem to bring them home in pairs- seriously, I find it impossible to only buy one Essie at a time- my stash has grown rather quickly. 

One thing about Essie that I quite like, are their minis sets. When collections are released you can pick up cubes four to six minis. I've never actually finished a bottle of coloured polish, so being able to pick up a whole collection (or the bulk of it, they don't always include every shade in the cubes) at a lower price than full size bottles is a great option. Their mini's don't scrimp in quality either, the brushes are full sized, and apply just as well as their full size counterparts, annnd, the bottles are labeled in the same manner as well (a complaint many have with other brands' mini bottles is usually the lack of labeling).

Anyhow, onto the polish!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser Treatment Concealer- Brightener

Everyone knows the magic a good concealer can do, but lately I've been more interested in brighteners. Most do conceal a bit, but it's the way a brightener... well, brightens the under eye area; diffusing shadows and hinting at a full eight hour sleep that you likely didn't get.

It started here, and then there was this one, and this, and now I've discovered yet another, that is quite a gem once you get past the mouthful of a name. Interested?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Zoya Ornate Collection- Holiday 2012

This afternoon I set out to swatch the amzingness that is Zoya's Ornate Collection. Seriously, there are some pretty great scattered holos, some foils and even a glitter top coat... anyway, I swatched my heart out and then went about my day. I just sat down to organize and edit my photos to see that while I swatched six polishes, I only photographed five. Yes, I swatched one, admired it, and then took it off. Do you see the step that I skipped?

Maybe it's finally happened... the polish fumes have gotten to the essential brain cells and are wreaking havoc? Possibly, but it's worth it for these! Let's take a look...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lip Love: Avon Glazewear Shine- Peach Fizz

Today marks a special day on IKATW... a new 'series' of posts. I often find myself enamored with a lip product (be it gloss, balm or stick) but feel a bit silly rambling on about one little product, especially if isn't new. To remedy that, I'll be periodically posting my Lip Loves. Little posts about my current, well... Lip Love!

Also, a bit of follow up to my Google storage woes: If your photos are 800x800 (or smaller) your photo doesn't count towards your total storage used. Hazah! I've tested out smaller photos, and everything still looks great, so I'm all set. Good to know if you're a Blogger hosted blog.

Onto the gloss though!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

I set out to write this post in the same manner I do every post, but, you know what happened? I seem to have run out of storage. I've heard it could happen, but after almost three years of posting HUGE photos, I just assumed that that was urban blogger legend. Not so... So, for now I'll be hosting my photos on Photobucket. I'm just not sure if I want to pay Google for more storage. Ugh. Anyhow, let's put that unsettling moment behind us and try to focus on the present. The salty, sweet, popcorn scented present that is Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub.

What's in my Travel Bag... Makeup

Since I shared my skin care travel necessities, it only makes sense that I follow up with my makeup bag. I'll be spending the bulk of the week cozy at home, so I didn't really even need a makeup bag, but I find it's often a nice waste of time and a pick me up to play with a bit of makeup even if only to amuse one's self, so I packed a few of the items of I've been loving lately and would actually use....Maybe.

Unrelated (sort of...) but I've started linking products to their perspective sites to make it easier if you'd like more info or would like to purchase something. If I can find it online, the link will be under the photos. Hopefully things a little easier for everyone! P.s it's rainbow too (when you hover)!  

Monday, November 19, 2012

What's in my Travel Bag... Skin Care

This week, I'll be blogging from a new and fabulous location; no, I haven't jetted off to a tropical locale, but I am house/cat sitting. The cat, Emma, isn't the most personable, but she's only hissed at me once (so far) so things seem to be going well.

Since I don't get many opportunities to travel, I thought now would be the perfect chance to give you a peek into my travel bags. First we'll take a peek in my skin care bag, and if you behave, we might even take a gander into my makeup bag a little later on. The boring bits (Clarisonic, toothbrush and paste, etc.) have already been removed. You're welcome. Anyhow, let's take a look...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tilth Beauty Anti-Aging Firming Moisture Cream and A Flawless Serum

I remember a time, when I wasn't all that enthused by skincare. Sure, I used makeup remover, cleanser and moisturizer, but it was more out of necessity than interest. In the past couple years though, I find myself getting quit excited about new cleansers, serums, toners... you name it and I want to know about it.

Over the past few weeks I've been using a new brand (new to me at least); Tilth Beauty. I've been testing out their Anti-Aging Firming Moisture Cream and A Flawless Serum. While I'm not so sure I need all the anti-aging properties of the moisturizer quite yet, I have been loving how great my skin looks and feels (maybe that's them working...?)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pretty Serious: They Came from Beyond Space!

If you regularly read IKATW, you know I rarely post press release type info, but for the newest collection from Pretty Serious 'They Came from Beyond Space!' I'm making an exception.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Just kidding.

Zooming in from the furthest reaches of the darkest corners of the cosmos, Pretty Serious Cosmetics is proud to unveil our newest mini collection:

(images after the jump!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mo Sistas are Doin' it for Themselves!

During the course of the month of November,Mo Bros are encouraged to “change the face of men’s health” by growing a moustache. It engages men in the concept of raising awareness of their own health issues and serves as a creative and innovative way to raise funds for research, education and continuing awareness. In their journey, Mo Bros have engaged “Mo Sistas”, women who support the Movember movement by offering their solidarity to the men in their lives who are growing a moustache during the month of November. Whether they are our fathers, our boyfriends, our husbands, our bosses, our colleagues, our fellow students or our brothers,Mo Sistas are surrounded by men. Annabelle is inviting all their Mo Sistas fans and cosmetic users to dress the part: put on a moustache this November for Movember!

As you likely know, November has been taken over by Movember, wherein men grow their 'staches to raise awareness and support men's health issues; specifically prostate cancer and male mental health.

This year, Annabelle has teamed up with the cause and wants us ladies to participate. Since we can't grow our own mo (well, skip a few waxings/Nair sessions and you just never know....) I opted to use my Annabelle Smudge Liner in 'Oh My Goth!' to get the job done.

To participate, simply snap a photo of your lovely lip decor and upload it to your Pinterest board using the #AnnabelleMovember tag in the description so Annabelle can add it to their Mo Sistas board. Don't forget to include which Annabelle product you used to create the look! For each photo added, Annabelle will donate $1 to the cause. Check out the current collection of lady 'staches here. Will you be participating?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Polish Inventory: Julep

Firstly, holy woah, 800(+) followers! Very exciting considering I remember the early days wondering if anybody was even reading my posts. Hello to all my new followers as well! Leave me a comment if you're from a hop and I'll be sure to follow everyone back just as soon as possible. Back to your regularly slightly-scheduled post:

Part three of my polish inventory (part one and part two) brings us Julep. To be honest, I didn't quite realize how many Julep polishes I had... they sort of creep up on you. I'm sure most know about Julep's Maven* program? It's a nail polish subscription service that ships you an assortment of products and polish each month. I think (think?) it's the only service dedicated to nail polish.

I love the aesthetics of Julep polishes; their elongated, rectangular bottles are quite stylish. Add to that the numerous shades and finishes available and you've pretty much got any polish lovers dream. But, enough of my chatter, let's take a look-see at my hoard collection.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cutest Find... Ever!

Just a fast one for now, but I had to share this cute little guy that recently came into my life. While it isn't officially branded, it's meant to be a Lots-O-Huggin type bear. So cute, and the best part...

He's an 8g flash drive! Best $8 ever spent? Quite possibly! Have you bought anything that makes you smile lately?

EDIT: okay, I'm having some issues with my comment system (Intense Debate has been disappearing and reappearing whenever it wants lately...) I love your comments though and am working to get everything back in working order as soon as possible! AND if you'd like to get your own Lots-O he can still be found here!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Origins GinZing Eye Cream

I feel kind of like a... big old liar. I've realized that as someone who claims to be indifferent when it comes to eye creams, I've reviewed at least a handful already and have another to add to the list. That, and I quite like this one. I'm not sure I recognize myself anymore...

Mood Bling

Whilst rummaging through my email, I came across an interesting offer from The Bay: For just $10 you can purchase a really cute mood ring and support Partners for Mental Health. I have a fondness for mood rings so this was quite exciting to me, but the fact that 30% of proceeds will being going to organizations dedicated to supporting those with mental health issues, change public attitude towards mental health and raising overall awareness is pretty amazing as well.

The limited edition mood ring is available in store at The Bay and online

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Recent Favourites I

Some months ago, I decided to abandon 'monthly favourites' posts. A month just passes too fast, and I often found it was stressful trying to pin point what I wanted to showcase. Also, I usually hadn't reviewed everything on it's own yet, and then I'd blab away too much in a favourites post. You know?

So, from now on, I'll post my 'recent favourites' whenever the mood strikes. Like now. Let's take a look!