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Monday, November 12, 2012

Polish Inventory: Julep

Firstly, holy woah, 800(+) followers! Very exciting considering I remember the early days wondering if anybody was even reading my posts. Hello to all my new followers as well! Leave me a comment if you're from a hop and I'll be sure to follow everyone back just as soon as possible. Back to your regularly slightly-scheduled post:

Part three of my polish inventory (part one and part two) brings us Julep. To be honest, I didn't quite realize how many Julep polishes I had... they sort of creep up on you. I'm sure most know about Julep's Maven* program? It's a nail polish subscription service that ships you an assortment of products and polish each month. I think (think?) it's the only service dedicated to nail polish.

I love the aesthetics of Julep polishes; their elongated, rectangular bottles are quite stylish. Add to that the numerous shades and finishes available and you've pretty much got any polish lovers dream. But, enough of my chatter, let's take a look-see at my hoard collection.

Julep Katie, Leighton, Alfrie, Megan, Rachel, and Boris & Nicole

Julep Jamie, Daphne, Leah, Diane, and Elizabeth

Julep Taylor, Anne, Helena, Cameron, and Hayden

Julep O, Canada!, Yumi, Mila, and Oscar 

For those keeping track (okay, nobody is keeping track...but whatever) the tally so far is 54 bottles of China Glaze, 35 OPI, and today's addition of 20 Juleps, equals 109. Stay tuned for more installments soon!

Do you have a favourite Julep shade? Which one?

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