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Friday, December 7, 2012

Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder

Most women will likely say that their interest in makeup started from watching their mothers. For me, it was my Nan. Sure, I saw my Mom apply mascara, eyeliner and shadow from time to time, and on special occasions blush, but it was my Nan who wore foundation and powder. I was enamored with her little porcelain pot that held her translucent powder. Because of that, I always wore powder. It was just what one did. Granted, my prone to being dry skin doesn't always need powder; something I came to learn over the years.

Lately though, I've been either skipping powder all together, or only using it to set my concealer. How did I end up with Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder then? I saw it on a blog and had to have it! My review of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation has been so popular, I figured you might want a peek at the powder as well... Maybe?

'Give your skin a boost of radiance and even out that skin tone! Enriched with exotic fruit therapy to restore and rebalance the skin:Yuzu - Anti-shine, Sharon fruit - hydration. Its ultra-fine texture is easy to blend and its feather-light feel will makes application easy! Its slim compact casing and large mirror inside is an ideal handbag essential and perfect for touch-ups on the go! Available in 3 natural shades suitable for all skin tones.'

This powder is housed in a large, yet slim compact. When I first got this, I was surprised at how flat it is; They aren't lying when they state it's ideal for in you bag. It has a large mirror which is essential for on the go touch ups. You'll need your own brush though, but that's a simple solution, as there are some great retractable ones available that are perfect for in your purse. I like this one. While the compact is flatter than most, you're still getting 9g which is only 1g less than a Mineralize Skinfinish Natural from MAC. Talk about deceiving.

Getting past the compact, the powder is... Well it's pretty amazing, actually. I have never felt a powder that had this type of texture, it's incredibly smooth, but it's so smooth it almost feels creamy. One of my HG powders, Dior's Dior Skin Forever Invisible Retouch, is just as fine and smooth, but it still feels like a powder. The texture, while smooth, is a bit heavier than other powders I've used in the past, but it's so buttery is melds onto your skin so perfectly. While being heavier, it also has more coverage than I tend to look for in a powder- I usually opt for translucent shades- but it applies so easily I can't complain.

I wasn't sure how I would get along with the fact that this product mattifies; dry skin types don't always get along with matte powders, but I had no problem with dryness throughout the day. As for the 10 hour claims (seriously, do cosmetic companies just pick random numbers out of hats? why not 9 hours or 11?) I have yet to wear this that long, but it did last for a full 6-8 on me, without touch-ups.

I can't vouch for how accessible this product is. I know in Canada, Shopper's Drug Mart is the only store that carries Bourjois, but my local store doesn't. How convenient.  I ordered my powder from a UK seller on eBay who had it listed at five pounds and change. All said and done (including shipping) I paid about $13, which is the price ASOS  normally has it listed for (it's on sale now for $9!) On the Canadian Bourjois site however, they have the price listed at $27. Ouch!

Overall though, this is a fantastic powder. I highly recommend giving it a try if you want a luxurious feeling powder, without having to pay luxury prices. Have you used this powder? What is your usual stand by?

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