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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Design Malfunctions

When I was in seventh grade I went to a birthday party. Well, I went to more than one, but one in particular sticks in my mind. Now, it wasn't the actual happenings of the party that I remember most; it was something one might deem as small and insignificant, but it resonated with me at the time. The friend who's birthday it was, had a cousin who was a year older than us, but he lived near by and was at the party. We were all used to him and got along was well, but he must have been told to be extra nice to all of us, since he was getting everyone pop. When I made my request, I ended up changing my mind, and in doing so a few of my friends did as well. This caused our waiter of the moment to utter something to the extent of 'make up your minds' to which the birthday girl's father replied "They can't help it, they're women." He was only joking, but I guess I was at an impressionable stage, because I've always remembered that moment when I get particularly confused regarding decisions. Thanks, Gary.

If you've noticed, there have been multiple changes to my little blog. Like the fact that currently there is no header. Blame it on my womanhood. I can't make up my mind. I don't know if I want curvy, girly fonts, or modern, clean fonts. I have an idea of things I like, but am torn as to how much variation I like. Should everything match? What look do I want? And on and on. I plan on spending a few days working it out, so don't be alarmed if you pop in and see an utter mess (again.) It's a process.

Do you ever find yourself in such a situation? How do you solve it?
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