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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lush Holiday Soap- Snowcake, Snow Globe, Mr. Punch and Northern Lights

When I was younger, I remember my Nan getting my Dad soap-on-a-rope (Old Spice, if memory serves correct...) almost every year for Christmas. That got me thinking that you just don't see enough soap-on-a-rope anymore, but then that also go me thinking that maybe, nobody really needs soap-on-a-rope.... Maybe I just think about soap too much? I can't help it though, I've been busy suds-ing it up with a few of Lush's holiday/seasonal soaps!

Take a look!

'Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a festive cake. So this holiday we brought back our customer favorite, Snowcake! This almond icing and marzipan scented confection is just what you need during the season of sweet indulgences. Its rich, creamy lather and rose absolute infusion make it a gentle treat for dry winter skin. So what are you waiting for? Grab a slice of this holiday treat before it’s gone.'

Snowcake is a very girly looking soap, with it's pale, creamy colour and shimmering gold topping. I didn't find the scent to be as sweet as I expected based on the description, but it does have a hint of almond and an almost spice/floral note. This soap lathered quite nicely and felt creamier than the others, but my skin didn't feel moisturized after use, so this doen't really impart any hydration, but it didn't leave me feeling stripped either.

'When the weather outside turns frightful and your spirits aren’t looking so bright, it’s time to lather up with Snow Globe soap. A blend of grapefruit, lemon and lemongrass oils refresh mind and soul after long, snowy days. As the season begins to take its toll, turn to this turquoise wonder to give you a feeling of relaxation. We add ylang ylang oil to help you keep calm during moments of festive frenetic energy. And those suspended white globes? We wanted to recreate those blizzards of faux snow you see swirling in traditional snow globes. No shaking required.'

Snow Globe is an aqua hued soap with round white bobbles floating in it's upper half. It has a fresh citrus/lemongrass scent that is quite uplifting and clean. While it has been unseasonably warm here, and the layer of snow we had has long melted, I'm quite pleased to have my own snow globe in my shower. This soap lathers wonderfully and leaves skin lightly scented. This also seems to have left my skin feeling the slightest bit moisturized as well. A definite plus!

'When you turn it upside-down, this soap looks like a delicious bowl of punch with fruit floating in it. We were inspired to make a fruity, tropical, boozy punch scent for this soap, and we did so with juniper berry oil, blackcurrant absolute, lime oil and a splash of gin. That'll cheer you up on dark winter mornings.'

Mr. Punch really does look like a punch bowl with it's multi coloured floaters and even an exposed juniper berry or two. The scent of Mr. Punch is fruity without being overly sweet and you really can smell a bit of the gin! I didn't think I'd care for the gin scent, as I'm not a huge fan of it, but it works really well together here. Out of all the soaps, this one really made my whole shower/bathroom smell fruity. Like the others though, it lathered with ease and left a slight fruity scent on skin. As the juniper berries started to poke through, they almost acted as an exfoliator, which is an added perk as well!

'When designing new products, inspiration can come from the most faraway places. For our neon wonder, Northern Lights, a few of our lucky LUSH inventors traveled to Finland and were taken by the midnight light show called the aurora borealis. Once back in the UK they enlisted the help of our Finnish perfumer Pia, who created a phenomenally fresh scent that recalls the chilly adventure to the land of the midnight sun. She combined pine needle, cypress and lime oils to create a refreshing woodsy fragrance that’s as unique as the phenomenon this soap was inspired by.'

Holy neon, Batman! Northern Lights is definitely not going to get lost in the tub. Lush describes this as a woody fragrance, but to me, it kind of smells like a big heap of the freshest laundry. Definitely a great scent in my book! I love how fun the this soap is to look at, how can neon soap not make you smile? Anyhow, this soap lathers nicely and leaves you smelling oh so clean (and fresh!)

I'm normally a shower gel type of gal, but Lush has totally made me swoon over their bar soaps! Do you have a favourite Lush soap?
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