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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Revlon Selects: Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow in Metropolitan

Yesterday, I mentioned that I didn't have a snappy intro for my post, and you know what? I seem to be drawing a blank yet again. What is that about? I usually am not the type to come up short in the word department. It's like being in a writing class, and you have to write for twenty minutes to warm up. 'Free Writing'. I love writing, but *gags* free writing is terrifying. I hate feeling like I'm being put on the spot like that. You know?  Hey, look at that. I almost have an intro... I say almost, since the topic of free writing has nothing to do with Revlon Photoready Metropolitan Primer + Shadow palette. But, it's better than nothing, right? 

On to the shadows!

Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow in Metropolitan $7.99*

The idea behind these palettes (I guess they're palettes... right?) is that they provide everything you need for a complete look, right there in a compact... well, compact.

I was quite interested in the inclusion of a primer, which I totally thought would be a cream, but it is in fact a powder. Are you questioning the effectiveness of a powder primer too? You should be. But, more on that soon. The other portion of this little duo that seemed a bit sketchy to me, was the glitter. I can't say that I have really ever used a glitter for my eyes; and I had visions of fallout city. Happily, the glitter and I got along splendidly. 

The five components of the palette are organized to provide an effortless look with minimal thought. If you really need it, there is also a diagram and instructions on the back, but really, it's a fairly simple process. These are marketed as being wet/dry shadows, but I've yet to try them wet, and the swatches are dry on bare skin.

Primer  is a sheer, shimmering, flesh tone shade. It's essentially the same shade as my skin, so it doesn't show up all that well. It will work nicely as a highlight for the inner corner or under brow, but it's not that amazing as a primer. I found that I had some light creasing after a few hours, so I would still use a standard primer before these shadows.

Lid is a matte, deep taupe shade. I quite like this shade, but when I used it on my lid with the crease shade in the crease, the colours ended up looking muddy and not so fab. In the photos below, I've used the lid shade in the crease, and the crease shade on my lid.

Crease is a shimmering, silvery taupe. Another shade that I quite like. I can see myself using this shade on it's own. As mentioned above, it works better on the lid than in the crease. 

Highlight is essentially the same shade as the primer on my skin. In the pan it looks more peachy/golden, but it doesn't read that way on me. It's kind of a waste, since you're pretty much just getting two of the same shade.

Glitter is a slightly coppery brown, with golden flares. I used this on my lower lashline. I dabbed it on over a bit of brown liner to give it something to stick to. While I initially didn't think the glitter would be for me, I kind of love it! It gives just a bit of sparkle, and the neutral shade makes it appropriate for almost any occasion and, it wasn't messy to apply. I used a smudge/crease brush to kind of tap it on, and had no fall out. 

Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow in Metropolitan $7.99*

Overall, these little palettes are a fast way to get a complete eye look. I'm not completely sold on the primer, but honestly, who doesn't already have a go-to primer in their stash? Exactly! Use your own primer and you're all set. I haven't seen these in store yet, but I know that there are eight different shade combinations available, and definitely something for everyone. Have you tried this product yet? What do you think of 'compete look' palettes? Yay or Nay?

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