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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Skin Food Deep Sea Water Brightening Multi Toner

I'm on the fence about toners... I've used them on and off for years, but I've never really felt that they were a necessary step. If I have one to use, great, if not, no biggie. Of course, being the type that enjoys using product 'just to try it' I buy toners when ever one piques my interest, but are they important?

After a bit of research (ie. Googling) one would assume I now have a certain answer to that question. The thing is, now I'm more confused than ever. A lot of folks side that yes, toner is an essential step in skincare. That camp even clams that after washing your skin you are removing an essential layer (or film, as put) that takes up to two hours to regenerate. Without this layer, your skin is unprotected and doesn't know what to do with products you likely apply after cleansing (serums, moisturizers, etc.) BUT, use of a toner instantly regenerates this film. Sounds relatively convincing... Except there is a whole other camp that believes toners just don't do all of the wondrous things they claim. Confused yet?

Skin Food Seep Sea Water Brightening Multi Toner

A little bad habit hobby of mine involves scoping out Asian skincare on eBay. The urge usually strikes me after a particularly bad day, but you never now when the mood will strike. I do a little browsing and usually add a few choice items to my 'watch' list. I've noticed that if you wait until the listing is almost done, you can get a 20-30% discount, as sellers don't want to have to re-list unsold items. That was how I came across this Skin Food toner.

As I've mentioned in the past, 'brightening' is one of my product trigger words. Add that to the fact that this toner can be used three ways, and that it was 35% off, and it's obvious that it would have to be mine.

If you take a peek at the illustrations on the bottle (only on the Korean side, apparently English folk don't need pictures?) you can see that this toner can be used in the traditional sense, on cotton, decanted into a spray bottle and used as a facial mist, or soaked on cotton pads (or dry sheet masks, I must get a few) and used as a mask. I love that this is a multitasker!

I mainly use this in the traditional sense, but I will decant a bit into my travel size spray bottle eventually. So far, I don't know that it's brightened my skin at all, but I do like how it feels on my skin after cleansing. Even when I think I've cleansed well, this manages to remove more residue, so that in itself is something. One of my hands down favourite things about this toner though? The bottle has a little pin hole dispenser! I rarely spill things, but when largeish bottles have full on open tops, I always envision myself spilling it everywhere and thus loose my cool. Anyone else get like that?

Overall, I like this toner and it's multi use potential. Is is a necessity that I'll rush to re-purchase? Not really. Do you always use a toner? Which one is your favourite?

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