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Monday, December 10, 2012

Theme Week: Foundation Nation

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I realized I have quite a few foundations I've yet to review, so what better than a theme week? Yay, theme week! I try and limit how many foundations I have on the go at once (nothing lasts forever, you know) but I find them so fascinating that I can't help but collect them. I tend to go for the lower priced options, not because I'm cheap, but because out of the handful of 'higher end' formulas I've tried I haven't been completely in love with any of them. It's not that I won't splurge on them from time to time, but I've found cheaper formulas that I really like. I'm all inclusive when it comes to foundation. Lately, I've been putting more attention (and money) into my skincare regime, and you know what? Better skin usually means better foundation performance, even the 'cheap' stuff. Anyhow...

Look forward to seven days of the ever mystical, 'I always look this flawless' inducing, liquid (most commonly, at least...) miracle they call foundation! What's your foundation of choice?

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