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Saturday, December 15, 2012

What I've Been up to...

if you give an Igby a scratchums....

It's been a scary/long 24 hours people. Seriously. I don't know if you've ever had to deal with a sick pet, I know I never have, but I know I never want to have to again. 

Last night seemed uneventful, when I went to bed Ig (her name is Igby, but she has a few nicknames, Ig or Boogies...yes short for Boogers, are most commonly used) was in her spot on the end of the bed. I said hey, gave her a little scratch and went about going to bed. I was just about to put my headphones on, when I heard a rattle and Ig was gone. I'd assumed she'd fallen off the bed. She's cute as all get out, but not always the smartest, and will stretch herself off of surfaces all too often. I started to chuckle, and call her back when I noticed her stumble and and try to exit the room. Then she meowed. It was all kinds of wrong. Anyone who has ever had a cat knows they throw up. They just do, and they usually have a "Hey, I just want to let you know I'm going to barf now, okay?" type of meow, but this was not that meow. 

Something was different. She threw up some bile and headed to the living room where she laid down. Not knowing if I was just over reacting or if I should really be concerned, so I sat and watched her. That's when I noticed her eyes, they were wobbling side to side, almost as if she was trying to read something. I picked her up, she seemed sluggish, and I'm guessing scared. She didn't want to be held so I put her on the floor and she wobbled off to the corner. I had no idea what to do. It was late, and living in a small town means there aren't many options for emergency vet care. As scared as I was, there wasn't much I could do. 

After a good cry I went to bed. I slept for an hour or two, but heard her in her box (kitty litter that is.) I guess after the walk from the living room to the back of the house where her box is, she had gotten tired, so after doing her thing, she took a little lay down. Right there in the box. I got a blanket and scooped her out. It was almost four, and still a few hours until any vet would take calls. I set up shop on the couch with her all bundled up and we watched music videos until eight. She's quite fond of the new Bruno Mars video, luckily for us it was on multiple times. After calling the vet, my mom and her friend were amazing enough to take her in. I was a mess and didn't want to be the blubbering sob in the waiting room.

The diagnosis? She has what is essentially like an inner ear infection that humans get, except in cats it's a neurological condition. There is no medication for it, but it usually clears up in a few days. The vet explained that it's similar to an incredibly bad hangover (ie when you get the spins) and that bright lights would make it worse. She's now snuggled up in her hut (she has a fleece pet house) in the bathroom with all her necessities. They suggested a quiet spot, like a bathroom, that could be easily darkened and contained. I have to spoon feed (well, with a syringe) her the wet food and water, but she's handling it all like a champ. She already seems a bit better, but she is still a bit topsy-turvsey. 

I am so tired, but so relieved she'll be okay. Not knowing anything is the worst feeling. Have you ever had to deal with a sick pet?

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