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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

30 Day Music Challenge- Day 3: A Song That Makes You Happy

There was a time when I was a huge music snob. It started my first year of college, when I really got into indie music. If something I was listening to got popular, I dropped it like a bad habit. Especially if a song from a band I loved ended up in a commercial. That was it. We were over. I had no time for sell outs only interested in 'commercial success'. Not that that is what any of them were, the were likely only trying to, you know buy food, pay rent and be able to... I don't know, LIVE.

I am a handful of years older now, and have seen the error of my ways. I am no longer a music snob... to that degree anyway. I used to listen to Lana Del Rey in secret though... Her whole shtick  kind of pissed me off (hello, what the hell was that SNL performance about?) but you have to give it to her. She's got some catchy tunes. Which brings us to today's challenge theme: A song that makes you happy.

No. It's not a Del Rey song, but it is a catchy one. 'Mushaboom' from Feist's Let it Die (2004) made me do a few things I usually never do:

A) I bought an album before hearing anything but one song.
B) I bought the cd. BOUGHT it. That's big for me.

I haven't bought a physical cd in a very long time (2004 could very well have been the last time, actually...) I am a downloader. If I do buy anything physical, I usually opt for vinyl. That's the nice thing about the spike in vinyl's popularity; most independent labels (and an ever growing number of major, you just have to snap them up faster, as they tend to be more limited) put albums out on vinyl. Anyway, Mushaboom is just... I don't know, it just makes me smile. I don't know how anyone could listen to it and not feel a little bit better. I have to give it to Feist, when I first started listening to Let it Die, I thought I had made a major mistake. The album is much jazzier than I had expected, and not what I would have thought I'd be interested in listening to. But the uniqueness of her voice, and her songwriting totally won me over. I love Feist! Her cover of Ron Sexmith's 'Secret Heart'- also on Let it Die is pretty fabulous as well.

What song makes you happy?

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