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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Born Pretty Store: Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

When I was a kid, and in all honesty, maybe even now, there were two things I clearly remember loving. One being anything personalized, which is a heartbreaking ordeal when you have the name Bailey in the early nineties- we're talking pre- Party of Five here people. I was nineteen before I ever saw anything with my name on it. And yes, I bought it, and was giddy about it for weeks. My second love was anything glow in the dark. What's not to love? I remember one particularly rowdy sleepover when someone brought glow-sticks.  I don't know exactly what went down, but I ended up with a glow splattered room. It ended up lasting for about a week. I also had glow in the dark hair clips, which I forgot glowed until a boy-girl party that resulted in blackout tag (all the lights out in a windowless basement, a dangerously good time.) A befuddled me couldn't figure out why I was continually 'it'.

Anyhow, when I was offered to review a few items from the Born Pretty Store and saw glow in the dark polish as one of my options, I couldn't resist.

The polish I recieved, is a 7 ml bottle, making it about the size of most mini bottles of polish. The collection consists of ten shades, none of which have names, but happen to be numbered. I received shade #06.

 In daylight, Shade #06 is a medium turquoise cream. Unlike other glow in the dark polishes I've used in the past this does not have any type of texture once dry, but it also doesn't dry to a fully shiny finish either, but more of a semi-matte. I added a topcoat for optimal shine. I wondered it if would dull the glow (when in the dark) but it doesn't seem to affect it at all. The formula is pretty good, easy application and it builds to opaque in two coats, but I ended up needing three to cover all visible nail line.

Shade #06 in the dark

As you can see, this polish glows remarkably well, in fact, better than any other glow in the dark polish I've ever used. No lackluster, semi-glow here. In the dark, this polish glows a light fluorescent green and stays glowing for hours. 

Overall, this is a fun polish to have on hand for... well whenever the mood strikes, I suppose! I like the fact that during the day, it looks like your average polish, but when the lights go down...! What are your thoughts on glow in the dark polish? Yay or Nay?

Available from Born Pretty Store here 7 ml for $2.99 or all ten shades for $19. Born Pretty Store offers free world wide shipping and have provided me with a coupon code good for 10% off any order!

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