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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Glossing Cream

I have had pretty much every length hair throughout my life. From super long to super short and everything in between. You'd think that would mean I might have a bit of skill styling my hair. You'd be so completely wrong. I have ZERO skill with anything hair related. Well, I can cut/trim my own bangs, and once even my own hair ( it looked pretty good, but I do no recommend it) but that's beside the point. I've mastered the pony tail and .... yeah that's pretty much the only 'skill' I posses.

 I also take a pretty natural route when it comes to styling. I usually don't use anything other than the occasional spritz of hairspray. That's not to say I don't buy various styling products. They just don't always get used. I have good intentions when I purchase them, like the Sally Hershberger products I bought to compliment my new layered cut. I grew out that cut almost two years ago now and have yet to use any of the products. I just don't have the knack when it comes to knowing what works for my hair.  It's a mixed bag: overall thick, but the hair itself is fine, tangles easily, and a fair amount of natural waviness. Overall, no major woes, but it's fun to seek perfection, which always leads to another product.... Like True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Glossing Cream.

'Pamper your hair with Cashmere. This ultra-nourishing glossing cream infuses hair with silky softness to control frizz while adding brilliant shine. It naturally conditions and softens with our moisture-rich formula of Silk Amino Acids, Cashmere Extract and ProVitamin B5 to leave hair looking and feeling silky smooth, cashmere soft and luxuriously lustrous.

  • Lightly scented with an addictive blend of vanilla almond, white nectarine and silk tree flower
  • Not tested on animals'

So, if I'm so bad with hair and hair products in general, why/how did I end up with this? I'm sure that's what you're thinking. No? Well you should be. As I said, my hair is pretty decent, but it's currently pretty long, in need of a trim actually... back on track- it can be a bit fluffy the the first day it's washed. Not really frizzy, but a bit poofy and sometimes dull. Did anyone understand that? I'm not even sure I did...what it comes down to, is the fact that a little dab of this cream works wonders to banish my hair woes!

This cream isn't as thick as I expected, but that is a benefit, as it makes it easier to distribute through my long hair. To get the most out of this, I towel dry my hair and let it be for five to ten minutes before applying this. I find if I use it right after towel drying, my hair is still too wet and I don't get all the gorgeousness this product can provide. I can usually feel the difference this makes to my hair as soon as I apply it, but especially once my hair has dried (as you might have been able to deduce, I'm not one to use a lot of heat, so I rarely every blow dry my hair dry) it feels and looks pretty amazing. My hair feels softer, and has a ton of shine, not mention smells amazing. The scent is described as being vanilla almond, white nectarine and silk tree flower, but to me it's a slightly woody vanilla scent that is all kinds of wonderful. I've never had an issue with this making my hair look or feel oily (another reason I'm often leery of products, I'm terrified of looking like grease-ball.)

Overall, this is a pretty fantastic product if you want to give your hair a bit of makeover with the most minimal amount of effort. I should add, in case you're out of the loop, True Blue Spa is sold at Bath and Body Works. Have you tried this product? Thoughts? What product is your hair must have?

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