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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yves Rocher Colours Nature Eyeshadow- Taupe Bruyere

I've realized, that before I started blogging, I under-appreciated taupe. It's true. I just didn't give it the love it deserves. I've seen the error of my ways, and now give all my love and devotion to the little guy. Really, who can't love taupe? The blend of gray and brown can be interpreted in many ways, but more often that not, it's all kinds of gorgeous. That was why I just had to try Yves Rocher Colours Nature eyeshadow single in Taupe Bruyere. I tend to opt for palettes more than singles, but this shade called to me. Just look at it...

' Pure, adjustable and long-lasting color with bamboo silica extract. For a velvety, luminous, subtly iridescent eyes. A very soft, silky powder texture, easy to apply, for a very even, harmonious result. Instant coverage, use as much as you like, to play on lightness or intensity. Long wear, 6h without running, luminous true colour. The Single Eyeshadow contains all the natural benefits of bamboo silica extract.Tested under ophthalmological supervision.
The Plus : 
  • Colour stays true from compact to skin 
  • Quality applicator

Last month I went on a bit of Yves Rocher makeup spree. I had never used their eyeshadows, but I've had great success with every other product, so I figured it was worth a try. You know?

The verdict? It's highly likely that I'll end up with a few other shades. Their eyeshadow formula is quite nice. This shade- Taupe Bruyere, has a satin finish (I'm not sure if all shades have the same finish or not) and has the perfect texture and pigmentation. It's decently pigmented, meaning you don't have to layer it on, but at the same time not so pigmented that you have to be weary of applying too much. It's smooth and blends beautifully with other shadows. I must say though, I love this shade so much that I tend to wear it on it's own with a bit of smudged liner and mascara. Easy-peasy, but really pretty. 

Taupe Bruyere is almost a classic taupe (woah, TAUPE Bruyere is a taupe? mind=blown) but it does have a bit of colour play once on. It is an equal mix of gray and brown, but there is a touch of violet as well. It's much nicer when seen in person, swatches just don't do this one justice.

Overall, Yves Rocher makes an excellent eyeshadow. As usual, keep an eye out on their website for sales, as the prices tend to change quit frequently. The single shadows are $16 normally, I picked this up at half price. I definitely recommend giving these a go. Have you tried these shadows? What's your take on taupe? Yay or Nay?

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