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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Avon Big Colour Dual Ended Eye Pencil

First off, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I didn't plan any special post or anything, but last years was pretty great, so if you're hankering for a Valentine's specific post check it here.

Today, I've got a batch of eyeshadow pencils to share. I've been using them for a couple of weeks, and I  have to say these are pretty swell. Wait, did I just use the word 'swell'? Momentary time travel to 1952 aside, these are pretty great!

 Avon Big Colour Dual Ended Eye Pencils Perfect Nudes*, Plum Perfection*, Silver Smoke* Go to Greens* - light ends

Avon Big Colour Dual Ended Eye Pencils Perfect Nudes*, Plum Perfection*, Silver Smoke* Go to Greens* - dark ends

 Avon Big Colour Dual Ended Eye Colour vs. Avon Big Colour Eye Pencil

Avon Big Colour Dual Ended Eye Pencils Perfect Nudes*, Plum Perfection*, Go to Greens* and Silver Smoke* $6.99 CAD

Avon's Big Colour Dual Ended Eye Pencils make getting ready just that little bit easier buy pairing two coordinating shadows in one jumbo pencil. The shades that I've got are:

  • Perfect Nudes - a shimmering, bronze-champagne and a semi-matte taupe-brown
  • Plum Perfection - a pale, semi-matte lavender and a satin taupe-violet
  • Go to Greens - a shimmering, pale butter yellow and a shimmering, medium olive green
  • Silver Smoke - a shimmering, gunmetal with blue shimmer and a semi-matte deep black

I love how easy these are to swipe on! They're all quite pigmented and have the perfect creamy texture. I'd say if you are a fan of Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Shadows (review), you'll definatly enjoy these (and at a fraction of the price!) These do set (yay!) but you've got a fairly large window to blend and smudge. I find that using your finger the best way to blend them out, as a brush seems to sheer them out and make them loose a bit of their overall 'oomph'. They work double duty as liner and shadow and work quite well as eyeshadow bases as well. I've found myself quite enamored with the dark end of the Plum Perfection pencil. It's tupey-purple shade is all kinds of gorgeous. I've been using it all over the lid, with a darker taupe crease.

I found that when worn alone (ie. no primer) these wear for about 5-6 hours before they begin to crease a bit and fade. With primer they last the whole day (about 8 hours) and still look as fresh as when first applied. Bonus: these also happen to be waterproof. Not too shabby at all!

Avon Big Colour Dual Ended Eye Pencil- Plum Perfection*

I used Plum Perfection to create a simple ombre look. I found that the dark end of plum perfection isn't quite deep enough to be applied over the lighter base, so I applied the dark end first, then the lighter above it and blended it out. The colours are a more vivid in person, the photos are a touch too light, but you get the idea.

Overall, I kind of love these. Okay, I totally love these! Two colours at a great price, great staying power, and pigmentation. I'm not sure what else you could ask for... What's your take on shadow pencils, yay or nay?

Available as now! Orders can be made through Avon Independent Sales Representatives, by calling 1-800-265-AVON or online at 
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