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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Broadway imPRESS Press-On Manicure

Nails! The little accessory everyone has (factory installed!) Of course, it's up to you to do to a bit of aftermarket upgrading. I recently took the plunge into unfamiliar territory and tired press on nails for the first time. I was totally game, but still a bit skeptical as to how well I would get on with them.

Keep reading to see my results...

Broadway imPRESS Press-On Manicure 'Sweet and Sour'* and 'On the Rocks'* $8.99  CAD

'Cheryl Burke, two-time champion of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, has joined forces with Kiss Products, Inc. to design a signature series of six new short and medium length imPRESS Press-On manicures. As the brand ambassador for imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails, Cheryl Burke brings a sexy confidence to the brand that proves a girl with a busy schedule can still find time to pamper herself with a manicure. Convenient with its easy application process, there’s always time for pretty nails! “My nails must always look flawless. Finally with imPRESS, I can customize my manicure to match my frequent costume changes, then dash to a red carpet event with a different manicure in minutes, hassle free!” says Burke. Cheryl Burke imPRESS Press-On Manicure Signature Series includes six short and medium length styles and will be available starting in April 2013.' - press release

I was sent two of the new sets designed by one of the brand's newest celebrity ambassadors, Cheryl Burke. One set is a bubblegum pink shade 'Sweet and Sour' which is medium length, and the set Ill be focusing on today, a bright, yet soft neon pink matte set, which are short length. I figured since I'm not really used to faux nails, the shorter length was a good place to start.

Broadway imPRESS Press-On Manicure 'On the Rocks'*

I can't help but mention this: how cute are the little 'bottles' the nails are housed in? Such a great idea. Anyhow, once you pop the bottle out of the box, the cap twists off allowing you access to the nails. The plastic tray removes to expose the full set of 24 nails. I love that they have 12 sizes, meaning you are most likely going to be able to find the proper size nail for each finger.

These are ridiculously easy to apply; you literally just peel the cover off the back of the nail, apply it and press it down. That. Is. It. Before you start the application process, you do need to find the nails that best fit each finger and lay them out, then prep your nails. To prep them, you simply need to wash your hands and then wipe each nail with the alcohol wipe that is included. After that, you can start peeling and sticking, remembering to apply to thumbs first. You need them to get the little backs off the nails!

Once on, you can file and cut these, if needed, after they 'cure' for half an hour. I found that all the nails needed a light filing, as they have a little bump on the underside of the tips. I found that the short length is pretty much perfect for me, but the middle and ring finger ran a bit long, so I clipped them. I was nervous about clipping them, but they cut easily and after a bit of a file, you can't tell that I gave them a snip.

 Broadway imPRESS Press-On Manicure 'On the Rocks'*

These felt a bit... different on at first, but I quickly got used to them and felt I was able to go about my day without constantly feeling like there was something on my nails or that I was confined by them. I am amazed at how natural they ended up looking! I think I half expected them to look too thick or generally just fake, but once on they look great.

These claim to last for a week, given that you follow application instructions properly. I lost one after two days. I was watching tv (Shameless to be exact) and didn't notice it at the time, but lost one in my hair. I think it got stuck... I ended up removing the set because event though I had extra nails, none were the right size for the finger I needed. Removal was easy enough, you just have to gently pry them off starting at the side. Mine were still really sticky, likely because I hadn't had them on that long, so I used a bit of nail polish remover to aid in the process.

Overall, I think that these are kind of great. They're a fast and easy way to get a perfect manicure at a really reasonable price. I think it would be great if they gave you a few extra pieces of the adhesive, if, like me you loose a nail and don't want to remove the whole set. Have you tried these? Would you try them?

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