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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Demeter Champagne Brut

Demeter is a brand that I was instantly attracted to when I first learned of it's existence (many years ago...) but it was never that accessible in Canada. Over the years I've found it in the most random places and always took that as an opportunity to try a few more scents. Needless to say, I was really excited when it was announced that the brand is now available at select Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstores.

Today, I've got a very Valentine's appropriate scent to explore: Champagne Brut!

Demeter Champagne Brut* $15 CAD 1.0 fl. oz

'Champagne Brut captures the delicate scent of this bubbly white wine, with a hint of fruit, and maybe a bit more sweetness that Dom Perignon would have approved of.' -Demeter

I should start by saying I haven't really ever consumed much champagne, but I can say that this scent doesn't really have a champagne scent based on what experience I do have. Not that this scent isn't all kinds of lovely, but it is much sweeter than I expected based on the fact that 'brut' is in the name. In the wine world, the term brut is used to reference dry qualities, which means a lack of sweetness, but this brut defiantly brings the sweet.

When you first spray this scent, you get an initial burst of crisp fruit. At first I wasn't able to pinpoint exactly what it was, but as it dries down, a grapey sweetness develops, with a hint of tart champagne. I happen to love the sweetness that this scent has, but I am fan of gourmand fragrances. I like that it isn't a straight up champagne scent, because really, who wants to smell like a glass of wine all day? Actually, I take that back, I can think of a few people who would likely really enjoy that!

Demeter scents are housed in weighty glass bottles with simple labeling. They have silver caps and sprayers, which emit a fine mist. I like that the fragrance applies in a light mist, because I find it gives you a bit more control as to how much you apply. I think we've all ended up over fragranced because of an unruly spritzer, and it sucks. I find that this scent has descent lasting time, but is not so strong that you have to apply cautiously. It lasts, on me, for the better part of the day, although a little touch up would be required if I wanted it to last through the evening.

Overall, this is a fun, sweet scent. It's not incredibly sophisticated, but who says fragrance has to be so serious all the time?  Do you have a favourite Demeter scent? What's your take on sweet scents, yay or nay?

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