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Sunday, March 3, 2013

30 Day Music Challenge- Day 6,7 and 8

I thought that since I've gotten fairly up to date with beauty posts I'd catch up with the 30 day music challenge (here.) I figured it wouldn't hurt if I consolidated it a bit, so this post will feature Day 6: A song that reminds you of somewhere, Day 7: A song that reminds you of a certain event, and Day 8: A song you know all the words to.

Let's go!

Day 5: A song that reminds you of somewhere

'Nobody Has to Stay' Mirah from C'mon Miracle (2004)

I listened to the entire C'mon Miracle album pretty much everyday for an entire semester. It was winter semester of my second year and it was the most depressing winter ever. I had early classes pretty much everyday of the week and full days so it was dark when I left home and dark when I got home. Dull and dreary to the max, but Mirah's voice and unique songs helped me chug along. I love her to bits, but she's so indie she doesn't even make music videos. I think it would be so interesting to see how she'd interpret her songs visually.

Day 7: A song that reminds you of a certain event

'Velouria' Pixies from Bossanova (1990)

I went through a massive Weezer stage, and was pretty much obsessed with Rivers Cuomo, so when I had the chance to see them live I took it. It ended up being a 'double feature' type tour with the Pixies, so after the opening act, the main show was half Weezer and half Pixies rotated each stop of the tour. I don't mind the Pixies, but would have preferred to just see Weezer, but at the time there were breakup rumours so I didn't want to blow my chance at seeing them. Anyway, my friends ended up not being able to go, so my dad went with me. It was a great show, but I found the Pixies to be extremely loud. I know, concerts are supposed to be loud, that is the point, but this was so loud I thought I was going to throw up. Pixies have a large catalog, but I was really hopping that they'd play Velouria as it's my favourite song by them and Weezer had covered it in the past. I had my fingers crossed that they'd play it together but that never happened. Boo! We ended up leaving early but it was a great time and my dad was awesome to go with me. He even bought me a signed and numbered Leia Bell Weezer print, which I still have somewhere.

Day 8: A song you know all the words to

'Sylvia's Mother' Dr. Hook and the Medicine Band from Doctor Hook (1972)

I am a rather 'wordy' person, so knowing all the words to songs is just me, and we'd be here for a very long time if I had to list all the songs I knew. That said, a standout in my lyric archives has to be Sylvia's Mother. It's a family song of sorts. My parents listened to Dr. Hook and when I was a kid I had their tape (yes, cassette tape, I'm just that old...) and fell in love with the bearded, semi-druggie, gaggle of guys that are Dr. Hook. This song has be sung (most often terribly) by my entire family at the top of our lungs too many times to count. It's almost our anthem; and the reason I could never be friends with anyone named Sylvia.

Did any of these challenge days make you think of any songs? So share!

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