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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Avon Magix Cashmere Advanced Liquid Foundation

Guess what?! I'm sick! With a cold. I'm trying to be positive about it because, well... there really isn't much I can do about it, and I haven't had a cold in forever. It still kind of sucks though, but I did manage a rather productive day on the blog front. After a very long, and pretty spectacular nap, I got a ton of swatching done and finagled a post schedule- which I'll likely not stick to, but the fact that I made it should be worth something, right?

Up for review today, is an item I've been trialing for a few weeks: Avon Magix Cashmere Advanced Liquid Foundation. It's a very interesting product...

Avon Magix Cashmere Advanced Liquid Foundation- Medium Beige* 30ml $15.00

'Advanced new formula gives skin an instant radiance The cashmere-soft feel you love now with new skin-brightening benefits. Brightens complexion and creates a pore-free,line-free and shine-free look. Leaves skin feeling ultra soft and moisturized with a natural finish. SPF 15. Available in seventeen radiant shades.' -Avon

This is a really interesting foundation... it's texture is thicker than any liquid foundation I've used, but not in a bad way; in a creamy, light, almost whipped type of way. When you first apply this you can instantly feel it smoothing your skin. It really makes your skin feel amazingly soft, almost like some primers do, but not in a heavy, silcone way. This foundation is really lightweight on. It really doesn't even seem like a foundation, but more like a primer/BB cream hybrid if that makes any sense (does it?) As for brightening, I'm not so sure I saw that, but upon really close inspection (I'm talking really close-up close) I can see light reflecting particles on my skin, but nothing noticeable enough to be seen once on.

I have this foundation in the shade Medium Beige, which is too dark for me, but I still used this around the house to get a feel of how the product performs as a whole. Although the shade is too dark for me I kind of love this foundation. As I mentioned, it's lightweight, and smooths over skin with ease (even over large pores!) and gives a really natural finish. The coverage is light, which I don't really mind. You can layer it for a bit more coverage, but it's never going to be a medium-full coverage product.

Overall, I think this would make an excellent product to have on hand during warmer months, as it wears so comfortably and feels so great on- of course the added SPF is also a bonus too! It really is unlike any typical liquid foundation I've ever used, making it perfect for those who don't like traditional foundation or prefer bases that perform more like tinted moisturizers or BB creams. Have you tried this? Thoughts?

Available now. Orders can be made through Avon Independent Sales Representatives, by calling 1-800-265-AVON or online at

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