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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bunny Love- Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist and Petite Bunny Gloss Bar

I had a few different ideas for some Easter themed posts. The thing is, they all kind of centered around a bag of mini eggs. You know, the cute little candy coated chocolate eggs? Well, I had a few errands to run on Thursday (before everything would be closed for the holidays) so clearly that would be a good time to get them, no? Guess not, because I forgot to get my mini eggs. Wah, wah, wahhhh.

I had one back up plan, so that is what you get. Bunnies! Bunnies are pretty Easter-ish right? Read on to see two of the cutest bunny items you ever did see.

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist 60ml $8 (approximately)

'Common ingredient- clean Celtic water from France. Considering the quality of water, it contains French Celtic Water purified by several layers of stones with enriched mineral *peach, raspberry, apple – fresh red colored fruits with a moisturizing property deliver moist and resilient skin.' - Tony Moly

You might know that I'm a sucker for a facial mist, so it was obvious this had to be mine when I saw it on eBay whilst browsing Asian cosmetics/skincare. Beyond the cute factor- it looks more like a cat to me than a bunny though, this mist is quite effective. I like to spritz it on before BB cream to give my skin a bit of hydration and plump it a bit, but it is also nice to splash on during the day to refresh skin and makeup. Better yet is the fact that the spritzer screws off of the bottle allowing you to refill the bottle. It's compact size makes it great for on the go, and because it can't be said too many times, it's just so cute!

Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar- Juicy Peach 2g $6 (approximately)

This next bunny item- although, to me it looks more like a bear, is one I've been meaning to post about for ages because... well, it's just so cute! It's a glossy balm with a texture like a Revlon Lip Butter. I have the shade Juicy Peach which has a light peach scent and a milky peachy-pink shade. It's quite glossy, lightly hydrating and quite comfortable to wear. The only downside is that it can really emphasize any flaws on lips if they're dry prior to application.
they each have their own expression!

The Bunny Gloss Bars are available in nine flavours/colours. I just had to show you the lot of them, as each one has their own expression. I am quite fond of the indifferent expression on no. 7. Too cute!

I found both of my Tony Moly bunny items on Ebay if you're interesting in adopting a one for yourself. 

Wishing everyone who celebrates a very Happy Easter! Don't eat too many goodies! xoxo
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