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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Demeter Fragrance Library- Rose, Vanilla Cake Batter, Devil's Food and Angel Food

I remember the exact day that I got my first issue of Seventeen magazine. I was Spring of 1996, a Wednesday to be exact. I remember it was a Wednesday because that was the day my parents got their pay cheques, and there were always errands and things to do after school. We had all gone for haircuts and then went to get groceries. We got haircuts in a neighboring town, so we weren't in our usual grocery store. I'd learned that there was something about being in a different store meant that my mom would usually say yes to just about anything I asked for. I'll never understand why it worked, as she usually stood her ground. Anyway, I decided that that was they day I would ask for Seventeen. It was a bold move, as I was only twelve. My dad instantly said no, on the grounds that such a title (Seventeen) implied one should be that age (or very near) to read it, but my mom said yes! Victory! It was a pivotal moment in my life as I clearly still remember the rambling events that lead to my procession of it (and the crimped hair style of the model on the cover... but that's another story.)

I know, you're wondering what my first copy of Seventeen has to do with Demeter. Well, that was how I first came to learn of the brand and instantly thought that it seemed all kinds of awesome. A brand that, at that time, wasn't entirely accessible in Canada, at least not in my small town. I kept Demeter stowed away in my archives, and years later actually got my hands on a few different scents. Victory pt.2! Today I've got a few more scents to explore. Care to read on?

I'd have added the description of Rose from the Demeter site right here, but you know what? I can't seem to find it. I can find Bulgarian Rose and Rose 100% Natural, but neither of those are the product I've got. Oh well. Demeter's Rose is the antithesis of the Demeter motto 'Simple, subtle, singular scents.' Rose is just that rose.

When you sniff this right from the bottle, and after initial spritz, comes across as quite strong, but once it begins to dry down, it softens and becomes a really lovely scent. I've never been a huge fan of rose scented products, but I've found that more that I come across them/ use them, the more I find myself liking it. This scent is a definite must have for anyone who loves roses.

'Have you ever stopped to think about your "irresistible list"? You know what I mean - things that always get your attention, make your heart beat faster? ...Very close to the top is one of the simplest, most basic, yet most satisfying, comforting desserts in all the world: Vanilla Cake, or more to the point, Vanilla Cake Batter. Is there any better memory than licking the bowl and Mom's big spoon?'

While I don't agree that licking vanilla cake batter is all that yummy (the flour and leavening ingredients give it an acrid taste that is highly unappealing) but I can get behind the idea of the scent. There is something about the combination of butter, sugar, and vanilla that is just so perfect. This scent embodies that scent so well! You get an added creaminess that is almost custardy (possibly coming from the eggs in the batter?) and the warm sweetness of sugar and vanilla mixed to perfection. I love foodie scents, so this scent is perfection to me, but even for a dessert themed scent this isn't cloying or too sweet.

'Devils food cake is usually thought of in terms of dark chocolate, but originally it was red. This was due to a chemical reaction between early varieties of cocoa and baking soda, which also gave the cake a soapy taste. A light-textured chocolate layer-type cake with a deep reddish brown color, the cake generally has more baking soda, a stronger flavor (and fragrance!), and a darker color than regular chocolate cake. Devil's food cake was the favorite dessert of the early 1900s in America. Today it is also a new entry in the Demeter chocolate scent collection, as deep and as rich as the traditional dessert itself.' -Demeter

When I first got these items, it was the Devil's Food that I had to smell first. I wasn't sold that they could recreate the complex scent. I was wrong. So wrong. This oil has the most realistic scent. It smells like you just baked a batch of devil's food cakes. It's rich and intensely cocoa based without out being too sweet.

I decanted my bottle into a little glass vase and popped in the reeds. It took a day or two for the oil to seep into them, but once it did, the room (my living room) began to smell, well, quite amazing! It isn't overpowering, but you get little whiffs of it every now and then. It really is a great scent, but it totally makes me want cake (or at least some chocolate) every time I smell it.

'How many angels can dine on this food? Many apparently. It is one of our broadest appeal scents. Ah.....vanilla, can you miss? The critical ingredients reflected in Demeter's Angel Food are egg whites, sugar, vanilla and coconut. The coconut is our own special touch, from a generations old Pennsylvania recipe, passed down through the family of our founding perfumer. It tastes as good as it smells, and it smells great!' - Demeter

Demeter's Angel Food is the first scent that I tried from them. Knowing I already loved their cologne version, I was excited to see how the perfume oil would fare. I think I prefer the initial scent of the oil over the cologne as it seems more pure. You really get the understated sweetness of the sugar, vanilla and coconut, but I find that it doesn't last (at least not on me.) After an hour or so, the notes begin to fade to just vanilla. It still smells good, but a bit disappointing compared to what it smells like upon first applying. The upside is that since it's an roll on, it's totally portable and easy enough to slather on throughout the day.

Overall, I'm a complete fan of Demeter. I've yet to experience any scent that I didn't love and with over 250 scents available (and constantly introducing new ones) there is sure to be something for everyone. Do you have a favourite Demeter scent?

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