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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mary Kay Zen in Bloom Collection Nail Lacquer- Blue Lotus and Pink Bamboo

A few days ago, I shared the Mary Kay Zen in Bloom Lip Lacquers (here) so I thought I ought to follow up with the Nail Lacquers.

What better way to welcome Spring than with two new punchy polishes? Actually, I don't know about the current weather in the spot you call home, but where I am, it's looking less and less Spring-ish everyday. There was a thaw last week, the snow was disappearing and things were turning green, but now it's back to snow. More snow... I guess I can just pretend that it's spring when I look at my nails!

Mary Kay Zen in Bloom Collection Nail Lacquer- Blue Lotus* and Pink Bamboo* $10

'Create high-gloss, high-impact nails in bright pastels.' -Mary Kay

Mary Kay nail polishes are all new to me, but I have to say that I am quite fond of their slightly curved little bottles. As for the rest of the bottle, these are pretty standard. The brush is nice, slightly flat, making it really easy to apply with minimal effort.

The overall formula was great (based on these two shades.) Both have a medium consistency in terms of polish (ie. not too thick, not too thin) and gave no issues during application. I kind of expected streaks with Blue Lotus, as whitened, pale blues have a tendency to be a bit problematic, it applied really easily. Two coats was all I needed for full coverage.

I always say how hard I am on nail polish and the fact that I can chip any polish in a day or two, but I found that with top coat, I was able to get almost a full week (well, five days) wear out of these before they started looking worse for wear. That's pretty amazing for me.

Mary Kay Zen in Bloom Collection Nail Lacquer- Blue Lotus*

Blue Lotus is a pretty standard baby blue shade, but it is a bit brighter. Pale, yet bright. It looks like a creme but there is in fact a hint of... well not really shimmer, but a glowy sheen. Not very technical terminology, but I think you get what I mean.

Mary Kay Zen in Bloom Collection Nail Lacquer- Pink Bamboo*

Pink Bamboo is a bright pink cream. Again, it's not exactly the most unique shade, but it is pretty. I like that while it's a bold pink, it still has a certain softness to it. Very pretty and so appropriate for Spring.

Overall, these aren't the most unique polish shades, but the formula is spot on and they're quite pretty! The Zen in Bloom Collection is limited edition and is available from March 16th to May 15th on What do you think?

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