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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stop Drop and Beauty Blog Hop no.1

Over the past few months, I've come to realize that I love blog hops! They're an excellent way to not only grow your own blog's visibility and readership, but they're also a great way to find new blogs.

The thing is, most of the hops I've been joining are all inclusive meaning any type of blog can join, which is awesome and I've discovered some really great blogs, but (you knew a but was coming didn't you?) I don't think I can follow another mommy blog. I don't have kids, and honestly don't think that I will have my own (at the very least not any time soon...)

So I thought that I'd start a hop of my own for beauty bloggers. I know not every beauty blog is 100% beauty, but as long as at least a portion of your blog is beauty related you're more than welcome to join in! Since this is the first week, and I didn't really plan ahead (is. spur of the moment hop) there are no co-hosts. If this takes off, I'll be accepting submissions for co-hosts, two each week.

Are you game for some hopping?

help grow the hop
Stop Drop Blog Hop

Please respect the hop and only link up if you have a beauty related blog. Thanks!
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