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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Avon Flor Violeta Eau de Parfum Spray

I am not very educated when it comes to what most flowers smell like- or what most are even named, for that matter- but one that I know I like are violets. My nan always had violets in her house, actually, mass quantifies of them. I think they duplicated at night... I'll admit that their fuzzy little green leaves kind creeped me out, but the little purple flowers and soft scent can't be beat.

That said, it can be hard to come by violet scented products, so I was excited to get a sniff of Avon Flor Violeta.

Avon Flor Violeta- Eau de Parfum Spray* 50ml $30 (Shower Gel* and Body Lotion* 200ml $12)

'A sweet surprise of violet blossoms, sparkling apple and dreamy musk.' - Avon

Flor Violeta (ack, I keep typing it with two 't's!) is a nice scent for spring, as it's light, fresh and delicately floral. I expected it to be sweeter, but the apple notes are fresh and clean as opposed to sweet, which blend nicely with the softness of the violet. Upon first spritz, it seems quite bold, but upon dry down it softens and is quite pretty smelling. I am not the best at describing scents (could you tell?) but this is the sort of scent that I can see pretty much anyone liking. It's not so floral that it's polarizing, and the musk isn't so deep that it becomes too woody/masculine.

Overall, this is just a really nice scent for warmer months! It's light and fresh and just look at the bottle... The bottle itself is so gorgeous with it's graduated pink glass and little violet tutu. It will look very cute displayed on any vanity. Of course, to get the most from your scent, a little layering will give you a boost. Avon makes that super simple, with their Flor Violeta Shower Gel and Body Lotion. I love their scented body lotions, as you really get a good amount of fragrance from them and they moisturize so well. Do you switch out your fragrances when the weather changes? Which floral notes do you love?

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