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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cargo EyeLighter- Pink

Most of the time, I am informed shopper- I do my research. I am not ashamed about standing in front of a display whist Gooling reviews on my phone. Was that not the whole reason the smart phone was invented; was it not? That said, I can impulse buy with the best of 'em too. One of my recent 'Let's just go with it!' purchases was kind of... I don't don't know, iffy.

Iffy good, iffy bad? Read on to find out.

Cargo EyeLighter- Pink  2 x 0.8g  $20

'We took the age-old artist trick of using light/white eyeshadow to make the eyes “pop” and turned it into an easy-to-use product. Eyelighter highlights and brightens the eye using matte and frost shadows with specialized application tips. The rounded tip applies matte shadow to the outer corner and under the brow for an instant “lift” without the surgery!  The pointed tip applies softly shimmering shadow to the inner corners of the eyes and makes them pop!' -Cargo

You may remember that brightening products -especially in terms of eye products- are my triggers. I tend to fall for that word every time. But seriously, who doesn't want brighter, bigger (looking) eyes? Sign me up!

The idea of this is relatively simple- use the shimmering shade to add highlight to the inner eye area and the matte shade to the outer. Actually, I didn't entirely understand the concept of using the matte shade on the outer eye. I usually line/shadow the outer eye a deeper shade to make give my eyes more dimension, but the matte shade also works well as a brown highlight so it isn't entirely a wash. BTW, I have the pink version, but there is white and gold available.

This product is interesting in the fact that it consists of two powder products all housed neatly as a pencil. Each side has a little ampule like cap that houses the powder, while each end of the 'pencil' has a spring loaded foam tip. The tip automatically dips into the product when you screw it together, which is neat, but I don't love the idea of the foam tip that I use on my eyes sitting in the powder product, you know?

Overall, this is kind of a gimmicky product. I inner eye shade is nice, and gets the job done, but the outer matte shade is kind of pointless for what it's supposed to be used for. You get very (very) little product for the price. Plus the fact that the applicator that touches your eye is housed in the product (hello, bacteria!) isn't a huge selling factor. I'd say skip it. Have you tried this product? Thoughts?

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