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Friday, April 5, 2013

mark Colour Me In Eye and Lip Crayons

The year of the pencil is upon us, ladies! Have you noticed pretty much every product you can think of has been pencil-ified. It's a trend that I kind of love. Not one to miss out on a trend, the beautiful brains at mark have given us their spin on pencil products with their Colour Me In Lip and Eye Crayons in a rainbow of gorgeous shades. I've been using them for a few weeks and have really been enjoying them. Take a look!

 mark Colour Me In Eye and Lip Crayons- Wine Bar*, Honey Dip*, Punch Line* (lips) Go Gold*, Wild Blue*, and Mint Candy* (eyes)

 mark Colour Me In Eye Crayons- Mint Candy*, Wild Blue*, and Go Gold* 2.13g $12

mark Colour Me In Lip Crayons- Punch Line*, Honey Dip*, and Wine Bar* 2.8g $12

I hinted at it in the intro, but these are pretty fabulous little crayons! Both the eye and lip formulations have a smooth, creamy texture that is pretty much perfect with excellent pigmentation and staying power. I'm scratching my brain trying to think of any negative aspects, but you know, I'm coming up blank... these are just that good.

  mark Colour Me In Eye Crayons- Mint Candy*, Wild Blue*, and Go Gold*

'Easy-to-use eye crayons in Go Gold, Mint Candy and Wild Blue shades. Waterproof eye shadow and liner in one smudge proof, crease resistant, long-wearing formula. Colour glides on and blends easily for a smooth powder finish.' - mark

While these can be used as shadow and liner, I've mostly been using these as liners for pops of colour in otherwise neutral looks. I always feel a bit awkward trying to incorporate blue shades into looks, but I've been getting all cray-cray and using Wild Blue- a totally vivid, bright, blue- as liner along my lower lash line with smoky brown shadows. It really gives a pop against my brown eyes. 

I found that these applied quite well, but Mint Candy was a bit patchy if not used over a primer and lasted the whole day with no creasing and only minimal fading when used as shadow. As liners, these are pretty much perfect as they apply easily and smoothly and nicely pigmented in one pass.

mark Colour Me In Lip Crayons- Punch Line*, Honey Dip*, and Wine Bar*

 mark Colour Me In Lip Crayons- Punch Line*

Punch Line is a shade that really does remind me of fruit punch with it's red-pink hue. This shade also has a light dose of iridescent shimmer that catches the light beautifully. This is the only shade out of the bunch with shimmer.

 mark Colour Me In Lip Crayons- Honey Dip*

Honey Dip (don't you just love the name? I do!) is a creamy nude shade. I can see this as being an all around favourite for any skin tone, as it's the perfect shade nude- not too brown, not too pale- perfect shade! 

mark Colour Me In Lip Crayons- Wine Bar*

Wine Bar is a deep burgundy-wine shade. If you had asked me which shade would end up being my favourite, I would have said Honey Dip, but you know what? Wine Bar has been the shade I've really been loving. I've worn this shade quite a bit and have gotten a ton of compliments. It's just a really wearable deep shade that really flatters my pale skin tone. Love it!

All of the lip crayons have a glossy finish without being sticky. These feel like a balm on lips and wear just as easily. While you can build these up to a medium opacity, they apply sheer, making each colour completely customizable. I found the lighter shades- Punch Line and Honey Dip- wore for about 2-3 hours before fading away, but Wine Bar stuck around longer thanks to the fact that it stains a bit. 

Overall, I am a total fan of these crayons! They are great additions to any makeup bag. Will you be trying them?

Available as of April 2013 through Avon Independent Sales Representatives, by calling 1-800-265-AVON or online at    

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