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Monday, April 29, 2013

mark. Nailed It Trend Mini Nail Lacquers- Sorbet Shades

Oh, blog fans... I had such a jam packed schedule of posts planned for last week, but I just wasn't feeling it. Actually it was the typing, the idea of clacking away at the keyboard was just so unappealing for some reason. Now, if I had only had a personal typist I could have dictated to... I would have been unstoppable!

But, it seems I'm stuck being my own typist, so I figured I better start getting back to business, and what better a way to start than with two itty, bitty, candy coloured, pastel polishes from mark.

Cupcake is not only adorably named, but is also a very pretty pinky-purple hued cream. I don't even know what colour this technically is... but it's quite pretty and very spring-like. I initially thought that it wasn't the most unique colour, but I only have one other shade that comes close, which is Essie Splash of Grenadine. The formula of this was on the thick side, but it leveled out nicely, so application wasn't too tough. It did require 3 coats to cover visible nail line though, which surprised me, as that usually isn't an issue with thicker polishes.

Creamsicle is the second sweetly named polish in this set, looks like a basic creamy orange in the bottle, but when you get it on your nails, it has a bit of a pink tone to it, giving it a sort of cantaloupe hue. I love that while it's pastel, it is still quite vivid. So pretty, but the formula leaves a bit to be desired as it's quite thin and requires multiple coats for full opacity. I started with thin coats that got thicker and thicker as I went- four in total.

Overall, these are very pretty shades, but the bottles are really quite small- 0.09fl oz- for the price, and the formula isn't spectacular, so you'd have to really love the shades to make it worth while. The small bottles can be appealing though if you're a causal polish user and know you'll never finish a whole bottle or just want a 'preview' of a shade. Do you like mini polishes? Yay or Nay?

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