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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Maybelline Master Duo 2-in-1 Glossy Liquid Liner- Bronzed Shimmer

I go through phases when it comes to eyeliner. I can go for months without using it and then out of nowhere be all about a really defined eye. Lately, I've been all about a defined eye, as I've been testing Maybelline Master Duo 2 in 1 Glossy Liquid Liner (breathe...) in Bronzed Shimmer. It's one mouthful of a name, but a rather fine liner once you get used to it.

 Maybelline Master Duo 2-in-1 Glossy Liquid Liner- Bronzed Shimmer* 1.6 ml $11.99 CAD

'Introducing EyeStudio Master Duo, a new generation of mastering liner, thick or thin and always super glossy. This revolutionary new eyeliner is the newest member of the EyeStudio “Master” family that allows you to go from thin to thick with just a twist of the wrist! An innovative dual ball
top that can be twisted to help you master 2 completely different looks. Ultra black dispersed pigments saturate Master Duo’s revolutionary formula for the deepest colour yet. Master Duo’s 66% shiny film formula offers the glossiest colour yet with ultra-strong adhesion for a glossy liner look that lasts!'
- Maybelline

Pen and ink style liners (or 'the dippy kind' as I call them) are not my first choice when it comes to eyeliner, as I prefer the felt tip style, but the applicator of this liner helped to change my opinion. It's not so much the shape that I like, it's the material it's made of- it's slightly foamy- meaning that you don't need to constantly dip back into the pot for more liner. The tip holds enough product to get your line on in one felt swoop. Not that the tip isn't interesting though...

 Thin side of brush tip

Thick side of brush tip

The tip is quite interesting in the fact that it's both small and slim, and wide all at the same time. What?! Yes! You simply turn it to which ever size works best for you. I like to start with the fine side for the inner half of my eye and then switch it out to the thicker side to finish off the outer half.

I will say that I didn't love this liner when I first started using it, it's quite wet and thin in consistency. When I initially swatched it, the thin, wet liner didn't seem like it would be opaque in one pass, and even once on my arm, didn't look promising. It was once it began to dry, that it deepened and became fully opaque. It's just that the drying time seemed to be quite long. I couldn't help but wonder if it would be problematic on my eyes. I am happy to say that it applied quite easily and did in fact, not smudge while I waited for it to dry. I had this sinking feeling that I'd blink before it was dry and I'd have a sploodge of brown all over... but I didn't!

Maybelline Master Duo 2-in-1 Glossy Liquid Liner- Bronzed Shimmer*

Now, the name 'Bronzed Shimmer' is a bit a lot misleading. This shade is neither bronze or shimmery, and I shook this up amazingly well to find the shimmer. If there was any in there, I'm sure I would have dislodged it. Although misrepresented, the shade is great- a medium chocolatey brown- and a glossy finish. That is the most unique part of this liner. It's had the glossiest finish without feeling tacky.

Overall, once you get past the overly wet texture (it's so cold!) this is a nice little liner. Have you tried it? Thoughts? 

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