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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Skinetica Anti-Blemish Treatment

For those of you twenty-something-ish ladies reading this, I bet most of you can remember being a teen, staring at the abomination (aka a breakout) on your face and rationalizing that 'Yes, this sucks now, but in a few short years, I won't have to deal with this shit anymore!'

Riiiiight...I don't quite know where that factoid came from, but thanks to stress and that super-happy-awesome time of the month (aka hormones) most of us still breakout from time to time. Ugh!  While I am pleased to say I don't breakout in the same fashion I did as a teen, I can unfortunately say that I do, still have the odd blemish rear it's awful little head. Boo! Given that fact, when the opportunity to test out Skinetica -an anti-blemish treatment- came along, I took it.

Skinetica* 80ml $17.65 CAD / $17.20 USD (based on current conversion rates)

'Skinetica does not contain any harsh chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. It is a sad fact that benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and sulfur are the active ingredient in over 99% of all acne treatments. Benzoyl peroxide is proven to generate free radicals, damaging cellular DNA, causing serious premature aging and thinning of skin, and causing irritation to the skin with redness and chapping. Benzoyl peroxide will bleach fabric and hair, and studies have shown that 76% of benzoyl peroxide users acquired a contact sensitization to it. Skinetica is very different from these old fashioned traditional products. It contains none of those harsh chemicals and when dry on the skin it is non toxic and chemically inert and so can have no detrimental effect on your skin. Most other  products work only for a short span of time, and you might need to re-apply the product many times a day. Skinetica is different, as its molecules keep on working for 12 hours, from a single application, even with regular washing. It is recommended that two applications per day will help keep skin imperfections down.' - Skinetica FAQ

It was pretty much perfect timing when my bottle of Skinetica arrived- along with the cutest little travel bottle- as I could feel that I had something a brewing on my face. That could possibly be the worst feeling ever- knowing you are about to breakout, ugh. Anyhow, I started using Skinetica that day.

Usage could not be easier- simply splash some on a cotton round, and apply to clean dry skin. Skinetica markets this as being more gentle than your conventional acne treatments, but the main ingredient is ethyl alcohol and as we all know alcohol does have the bad wrap of being drying. I wondered if the use of this would make my already dry skin even drier, but after weeks of use, I haven't noticed any negative results. I have however noticed a reduction in both the severity and frequency of my breakouts, which is all kinds of awesome.

When I started using Skinetica, I didn't notice immediate results, it was about a week or so that I realized the breakout I felt I was getting- and did get- wasn't as bad as it could have been, and healed quicker than normal. For reference, I usually only get deep, cystic blemishes, all located on the lower portion of my face/ jawline. I had doubts that this product would be effective for my type of breakouts, as so many products are more suited to surface blemishes, but this seems to get the job done really well.

Overall, I really enjoy this product! It works well for me and didn't cause any dryness or other skin issues for me to have to deal with. My skin looks and feels great, and although I still get the occasional blemish, they're smaller and disappear quicker with use of Skinetica. To purchase your own bottle, order a free sample- which I highly suggest you do- or for more information, check out Skinetica's site here. Have you tried this product? Thoughts?

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