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Monday, April 1, 2013

Swatched: Etude House Sweet Recipe Icecream Nails- Mintchoco Chip

You might know that I have a particular fondness for Asian cosmetics/skincare- mostly the latter, but still- there's just something about their products that I love. I've yet to find an Asian skincare item I didn't love, but often times the cutesy packaging is what draws me in. Based on what I've seen around the blog-sphere, Etude House's most recent collection - Sweet Recipe- has done just that.

I initially tried to ignore it. It's a collection of dessert themed items that run the gamut from chocolate bars, cupcakes, ice cream and such. I just couldn't do it. I just had to get myself something. That something ended up being Icecream Nails in Minitchoco Chip. Just look at it, it's an ice cream cone! Want a taste?

Etude House Sweet Recipe Icecream Nails- Mintchoco Chip 10ml $5 (approx.)

Mintchoco Chip is a minty green shade flecked with chocolate brown, golden, and apple green hex glitter of various sizes and a light smattering of pink square glitter for good measure. This is not the most terribly unique shade, as there are quite a few indie brands that have mint chocolate chip polishes, but indies can be hard to get in Canada, so I never ended up with one, even thought I always have wanted one.

Formula was good, I was expecting it to be sheer and most likely problematic due to the glitter, but two coats was all it took and glitter flowed on easily with the polish. Happy surprise!

Overall, I love this polish! It's so cute- both in package an on- and has me really hankering for the Illamasqua speckled polishes. There are four shades all total in this collection: Lemon Sherbert- a yellow, Apricot Candy- a peachy shade, which I almost picked up as well, but it looked sheer, Strawberry Stars Candy- a pale pink, and of course, Mintchoco Chip which we all have seen. I ordered this from a seller on eBay. A quick search of 'Etude House Sweet Recipe' and you'll find a ton of sellers.

I might have gone all spineless and ordered a few other Sweet Recipe items, so stay tuned for a peek at those!

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