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Monday, April 8, 2013

Swatched: Zoya Pixie Dust- Nyx

It seems like 2013 will be the year of textured nails. Pretty much every brand has or will be releasing a form of the trend. I really wasn't sure what to think of it... I love the glossy shine of freshly painted nails so the matte, grittiness of texture just didn't get me all that pumped. That said, I love the idea of something new and that manufacturers are trying to do something different.

Out of the current textured polishes on the marked, Zoya Pixie Dust seemed to be the 'prettiest' in terms of both colour and texture, so I opted to give them a try first. I only chose one shade- Nyx- as a way to test drive the formula. Take a look!

 Zoya Pixie Dust Nail Lacquer- Nyx 15ml  $9.75CAD / $9 USD

Nyx is a greyed periwinkle blue packed with silvery glitter. As much as I was on the fence before trying this, I can honestly say that I LOVE it! Yes, the texture is different, and does take a little bit to get accustom to, but it really doesn't feel all that gritty on. For a matte finish, has a lot of shine and reflective quality thanks to the glitter, which to me looks like glistening sugar. It's just so pretty!

This polish applies easily, but I did require three coats to fully cover visible nail line, and I found that this took a lifetime to fully dry. Mattes tend to dry quite quickly, and initially I thought that this did too, as it felt dry to the touch, but it does need a fairly long dry time to fully dry. You may know that I usually don't go over wear time, as I find pretty much everything chips on me in a day or two. I was pretty amazed at the fact that by day four of wearing this, I had no chips (whaaat?!) and only the slightest bit of tip wear on my pointer finger. Unheard of! Zoya recommends applying this to bare nails, but I already had OPI Nail Envy on and didn't bother to take it off. Clearly, it wears just fine if you do have base coat on. BTW, no, these are not that easy to remove.

Overall, I can't recommend these enough if you love sparkle/glitter! I know there are a few more shades I'll be picking up and will likely end up with the whole set of the Summer Collection- I'm really excited about the brighter hues. Have you tried any textured polishes? What's your take on the trend?

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