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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Firmoo Optical Review

I got new glasses!! Okay, now that that's out of my system, let's continue...

I can't help but get a bit giddy when it comes to new glasses, that special time only comes once every couple of years and by the time I get new ones I'm more than sick of the old ones. After seeing the same tired frames on your face day in day out, the sense of love you had when you picked them out is long gone. Of course there are certain downfalls, but I kind of love my glasses. I'd love to have a drawer full of frames to choose from but, as anyone who has ever bought them knows, they're so dayyymmn expensive. Which leads to the reason for this post.

If you read many blogs, you may have seen a few Firmoo reviews by now. Firmoo is an online optical store with bargain basement prices- cute frames for $26? Have they gone insane?! When the opportunity came along to try them for myself I had to take it.

Having never have ordered glasses online, I will admit that the whole process made me a bit nervous. Even at a discounted price, they're still an investment. I was worried my prescription would be wrong, or I'd make a terrible mistake choosing frames and hate them. Luckily the ordering process is incredibly simple and they've got you totally covered in choosing your frames too.

Since choosing the frames is the hardest part of the process, let's start there. The site is easy to navigate, and the frames are organized by gender and shape. Once you've browsed around and have chosen a pair or two, you can upload your photo and input your PD measurement- the distance from pupil to pupil- and see exactly what the frames would look like on your lovely face. It's almost easier than picking frames out in office as you don't have the sales assistant hovering over your every move... Ever notice how they always bring you the most expensive frames?

Once you know which frames you want, comes prescription, aka the part where I got terribly nervous, even thought I didn't need to. The form where you input your prescription is easy to use, and for all you nervous-pervous types, there is a very helpful FAQ sort of pop up to help you understand what you're doing. That said, if you still feel uncertain, you can scan your prescription and email it to Firmoo and skip the whole process completely. See, super easy!

I've been wearing glasses since the fourth grade, and other than my first pair of glasses, which were deep blue with mutli- coloured splatter, I've had either black or tortoise frames. I've wanted blue or green frames for years, but you know what? They can be hard to find without spending $200 + on frames.

I happen to really love a good tortoise though, so I don't mind so much. There is something classic about the look that I've always liked. The frames that I chose come in black and matte black, but tortoise won the race. I will admit that it was not instant love with these. I had a bit of buyers remorse when I first opened the case and saw these staring back at me. They're a fair bit bigger than my last glasses but they don't make as many shadows on my face, making my eyes instantly look bigger and brighter. Never a bad thing. I've definitely come around though, and am actually really happy with them.

Firmoo offered me two pairs of glasses, so I opted to have my second pair tinted. My last glasses were transitions, meaning they automatically tinted themselves when exposed to sunlight. That's handy, but as much as I love sunglasses- seriously, if I didn't need prescription lenses I'd have a huge collection- I've never had a 'real' pair of them. I've had glasses tinted to be sunglasses, but the frames available never really looked like sunglasses. They looked like what they were, tinted glasses.

I knew straight up that I wanted a Wayfarer style. Cool and classic. The style I chose is just that, but I opted to get blue arms. Since they're sunglasses, I thought a pop of colour could be kind of fun. The blue is a slightly turquoise-y shade and is really pretty. I initially wondered if the fit of these would end up being too big, but they ended up being perfect. I am so smitten with these! They got their first day of sun yesterday and I could not be happier with these. I opted for the darkest tint- 80% in grey, and while they are completely darkened from the outside, they don't read as being too dark while looking out of them. On top of tinting, I got the added protection of UV coating, which for an additional $4.95 is a pretty easy choice to make as it protects your eyes and can help prevent cataracts. I also added in on my clear glasses as it's also available on non-tinted lenses.

As for the frames themselves, they're both light-weight, but not in a flimsy, cheap way. I did worry that the frames would be delicate and well, I'm not always that delicate with my glasses... The frames seem like they'll hold up well and feel great on.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that each pair of frames comes housed in a very sturdy, black, faux leather case. The case is actually really nice; the Firmoo logo is embossed on the top, but since it's black on black it's not obnoxious. A glass cleaning cloth comes in each case as well, which is super handy for quick touch ups. There is little more annoying than a finger print directly in your line of vision. A cloth type of case is also included, along with a key mini screwdriver key chain and additional screws. While I've yet to loose a screw on any of my glasses, I do know that plastic frames have a tendency to get loose and will require a tightening every now and then so the screwdriver is an excellent bonus.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with my new glasses and Firmoo experience. I placed my order on April 16th and was wearing my new glasses on April 28th which is less time that I've ever experienced when purchasing in office/store. Do you wear glasses- either for fashion or function? Have you ever purchased glasses online?

For full disclosure I should add that my prescription is stronger than what Firmoo provides as part of their blogger review opportunity, so I did pay a small portion of the cost myself.

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