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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kiss Nail Dress Strips- Overnight Success and Glamorous Life

You likely know how much I love nail polish, but you know what else I love? Nail wraps! The only thing is, I never use them. Whenever I see particularly cute ones, I buy them and add them to my nail drawer. I figure I'll save them for something kind of special. I have at least eight boxes of the Sally Hansen wraps just waiting it out. Why not just use them?

These Kiss Nail Dress arrived in February and I kept adding them to my blog schedule, but I kept breaking nails- that's the other reason that stops me from using wraps more often, I always want to wait until my nails are all perfect, which seems to be a rarity. Last week all my nails were looking good, so I decided it was the perfect time to put these to the test! Read on to see how well they fared.

Kiss Nail Dress 2 Looks French and Full- Overnight Success*

I received two styles- Classic, which are the typical full strips/wraps and French and Full, which can be applied as either a French manicure or a full cover. The classic style also works double duty and can be used on toes. 

When you open the package, there is a sealed pouch containing the strips and a dual sided nail file- fine to shape nails and coarse to file the strips down. The strips get applied to clean nails and honestly are as easy as popping on some stickers and filing the edge. Easy peasy! I expected it to be a little tricky, but these really do apply quickly, especially once you've done it once before.

The Overnight Success strips are the French and Full design and consist of  a transparent nude portion and a bright Hawaiian type floral smattered with a bit of gold glitter. I initially didn't love the pattern on these, but it did grow on me and I ended up really liking the little pop of it on my tips. I wasn't sure if my nails would be long enough to get much out of them, but as you can see, these still look pretty great.

Wear time on these - both sets, actually- is supposed to be up to 10 days. Ugh... I didn't quite get that long with these. I got two days before my left thumb and pointer finger were peeling. I don't blame the wraps though. I did put them in situations that were likely responsible for their early peeling- a long hot shower, complete with oil based body scrub, a sink full of dishes, and de-boning a roasted chicken. I'm going to assume the combo of heat, water, and oils likely broke down the glue.

The Glamorous Life strips are full strips, which can also be used on toes if you flip them around- one end is shaped to fit fingernails and the other to fit toes. This pattern mimics the look of a water marble with a shimmering white base, bright blue and turquoise and a bit of gold glitter for added sparkle.

I've been wearing these for 4 days so far and as of yet, have had no peeling! Today I went grocery shopping, packed my own bags, carried them in and put everything away. I thought for sure I would have had a little damage somewhere, but these still look as good as they did when I put them on.

Overall, I am so thrilled with these! Part of the reason I don't do much nail art is the fact that it takes so much time to create and only a nanosecond to chip, and ultimately get ruined. With these you get all the fun of nail art without all the work. Score! I should add that I used topcoat to seal the free edges. The instructions don't state that you should, but it didn't cause any adverse reactions on the strips so it's a great way to prevent peeling/lifitng. Have you tried these? What are your thoughts on nail strips/wraps? Yay or nay?

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