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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Revlon Swatch Party - Sunshine Sparkle, Posh and Impulsive

Last month I spotted Revlon nail polishes on sale, so naturally I had to have a little look. I really didn't think I'd find anything worth picking up, as I tend to be pretty on top of Revlon's shade lineup, but I was so wrong. I found a few shades I'd never seen so into the cart they went, because you can never really go wrong with Revlon.

Revlon Sunshine Sparkle, Posh, and Impulsive

Revlon Sunshine Sparkle

Sunshine Sparkle is a creamy pale yellow with tiny flecks of white shimmer. I'm not a huge yellow fan, but pale, buttery yellows like this are the exception and the addition of shimmer made this seem too cute to pass up. Unfortunately, the shimmer doesn't read all that well on the nail, and the formula of this shade leaves a bit to be desired as it's quite thin and streaky. Yellows do tend to be streaky, but this remains streaky even after 2-3 coats. Sown is 4 coats with no top coat.

Revlon Posh

Posh is a vivid, medium, Kelly green cream. Stop reading and just look at it. Isn't it perfect? I LOVE this shade! The formula was pretty fabulous too as it only took two easy coats. Shown without top coat- it's that shiny on it's own.

Revlon Impulsive

Impulsive is an interesting shade, as it's essentially a blurple- meaning, it leans both blue and purple. In person, it does read more purple toned than in photos for the most part, but in lower lighting it does look more blue toned. However you classify it, this medium-deep cream is really quite stunning, and although the formula is thin and almost watery, it built up to opaque in two coats. 

As I said, you really can't go wrong with a Revlon polish. Do you have a favourite Revlon shade?

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