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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Swatched: Revlon Girly and Layering Comparisons

I just didn't know what to blog today. I've got lots to show you, but I just didn't know where to start. Like when you're standing in front of an overloaded closet and proclaim (say it with me) 'I have nothing to wear!"

I sat at my desk waiting for something to come to me... a sign from the beauty blogger goddesses perhaps? No such luck, unfortunately, but I did notice a little note that I mad to myself quite some time ago, scribbled on my white board: Revlon Girly & ... pink base. Aha! And with that, a post was born.

Girly has a pale, milky base that is a sheer purpley-pink which is home to pink, fucshia, and deep purple hex peices and smaller silver and pink glitter. For the look above, I used two coats of Girly over Orly Pure Porcelain, as I had swatched Girly on it's own, and I had a feeling it would take far too many layers to achieve full opacity. Besides the sheer base, Girly does have a pretty nice formula, if not a bit on the thin side. Glitter doesn't need to be fished out of the bottle- you get loads on the brush- but you do kind of have to dab it on to avoid dragging. For the amount of glitter you get on the nail, it lays quite flat, but a I still used a thick topcoat remedy the little bit of unevenness.

 Orly Pure Porcelain, China Glaze Something Sweet, OPI Pink Friday and OPI Lucky, Lucky Lavender

 Revlon Girly over Orly Pure Porcelain, China Glaze Something Sweet, OPI Pink Friday and OPI Lucky, Lucky Lavender

While I ended up using Orly Pure Porcelain as my base- I thought the whitened shade would let the shade of Girly's base show the most, I couldn't help but wonder what it would look like over a few other pink shades.

China Glaze Something Sweet (one of my all time favourite pinks) and Orly Pure Porcelain look pretty much the same once topped with Girly. OPI Pink Friday is a bit brighter, while Lucky, Lucky Lavender's blue tones, give the look more of a, well... lavender hue. I think I like Girly over it the best.

Have you tried Girly? What shade would you layer it with?

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