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Wednesday, May 1, 2013 Makeup Box Review

You may know that I love a good beauty subscription box, so when I first heard about Wantable a couple of months ago, I was intrigued and totally prepared to subscribe. At that time they weren't shipping to Canada, but I'm pretty determined, so I contacted them just to see if they had plans on expanding delivery. At that time they weren't but -and this is were being a blogger is extra awesome- were willing to provide a box for review purposes. Exciting! There was an initial Canadian shipping problem, and then a lost box, but better later than never, my little purple Wantable makeup box arrived safely in my mail box. Want to take a peek at what I got?

Wantable Makeup Box*- Opening message

So, as I mentioned, Wantable is a monthly subscription service, but it's a bit different from the others you might be familiar with, as it isn't about samples. Each month, for $36 (reoccurring subscription) or $40 (individual box) a custom curated selection of full size products with a value of $80-100 is sent off to you. If you're not happy with your items, you just ship the box back, no questions asked. Not too shabby, right? Not a beauty fan? Wantable also offers a jewelry box if makeup's not your deal.

My Wantable box arrived in a compact, purple box. It felt quite weighty for it's size, which immediately made me wonder what could be inside. Heavy must be good right? When I opened the box I was greeted to a Thank You message peeking through a cut out in the top flap. Now, maybe it's my Canaidan-ness showing, but that wins major points with me, and is a really nice touch. Under the flap, I saw that the on the back of the Thank You message was a little message card describing the Wantable service. I'm thinking that maybe there should have been what I call a menu- the card itemizing the contents of the box- included, but there wasn't one. Hummm... It seems a bit odd to me that no details were provided about the products I received, as all the other services I've subscribed to included a card or booklet. I always like reading them, especially when I receive a product from a brand I'm not familiar with. I like knowing what the price of the item is and if possible, where to purchase it should I decide to do so. You know?

29 Cosmetics is a brand I'm not familar with at all, and as such found their packaging a little bit confusing. I wasn't sure if the 29 was the formula number and Dew as the brand name or vice-versa. A little bit of reading the package and I was able to figure it out. The tube is a bit misleading though, as the the bottoms silver portion is just for show, so you're getting this long tube, but only a small portion of product. The gloss itself is a semi-sheer, shimmery coral shade, and is quite nice- it's really shiny yet not sticky- but as it wears away it does feel a bit gritty. Overall though, not bad, but I couldn't see myself ever purchasing it again at that price point.

Lip pencils aren't really my thing, but I will say that this shade is really versatile as it's essentially the same shade as my natural lips. I haven't used this on my lips yet, but when swatching it, it does seem to be quite firm. 

This is a really interesting product, from a brand I've never tried, but always meant to. The Paula Dorf Perfect Colour is a three in one cream colour that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks, although the shade that I have likely won't work well on eyes. The shade Innocence is a rosey pink with really fine golden shimmer. It's really smooth, seems to blend easily and I have a feeling I'm really going to enjoy using it.

Another brand that is new to me, but seems to be very promising, is Mia Bellezza. The eyeshadow I received- Vino- looks pretty stunning in the pan, and swatched just as beautifully. I mean, just look at that swoon-worthy taupe! I'm excited to give this a try.

I don't know how I managed it, but until now, I had no Color Club in my polish stash. I was really happy to see Port-Folio amongst my selection of products- just look at that duochrome action! A photo can't truly capture just how amazing this shade is, but it's a medium-deep grape hue that flashes a metallic golden-green shade. Really pretty, and unlike any shade I've ever seen. Two easy coats- visible nail line wasn't visible in person.

29 Cosmetics Dew Lip Gloss- Nappa Sunset, Mia Bellezza Eyeshadow Duo- Vino, My Face Cosmetics Medium High Definition Lip Pencil- Rosebud, and Paula Dorf Perfect Colour- Innocence

LA Fresh Travel-Lite Makeup Remover Wipe x2

Wantable Suede Infinity Bracelet

From time to time Wantable also includes little extras in their boxes in the form of samples. I received two LA Fresh Travel-Lite Makeup Remover Wipes which I'm sure will come in handy. I also received a really cute little green suede and golden tone infinity bracelet as an appreciation for my patience in delivery of my box.

So, if you tally it all up -not including the samples and bracelet- my box comes to a value of $104.50. Not too bad for $36. Overall, I'm quite happy with the items I received. I like that I got a mix of both brands I'm familiar with and new ones, as trying new things is really what it's all about. Have you tried this service yet? What do you think about it?

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